What do your replay lists look like?

That’s 1 out of 6 games with a victory.
The odds will never be in your favor.

My replay list is mostly victories

You got high level cards?

Or just some damn good luck…

For me it depends what I’ve beeb playing, when it’s 1v1 exclusively I rarely have more than 3 losses in my 20 replay history, events exclusively is more like half wins half losses unless I get lucky because as another thread states it is entirely draw based with 4 of each of two cards being predetermined. If I’m playing 2s it’s nearly all losses, as a rogue/roxie main I don’t have much of a place in 2v2 anymore.

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I just asked my members to stop trying to get me to do 2s, as it will inevitably end up causing me to walk, tired of losing to garbage players due to card draw and seeing full asc spell decks paired w a val or avasa, or of course just straight up two asc spell decks.


Hi guys

I’ve stopped posting on the forum because I’m heads down working on the next build of the game. We’re revamping the game around a new matchmaking system. One of the side effects of matchmaking based on card levels is that 2v2 needs to be dealt with differently. It doesn’t make sense to say “I want to
play in the arena for people with card levels 15 or less” and then end up playing against someone who brings a buddy with level 17 cards.


@Chucklesb011 … I feel ya with Roxie.

I’m not sure what I think about this separation of 1v1 and 2v2 in general… will need more detail to decide. I will say a few things right off the top.

  1. Don’t treat them differently in terms of rewards or status etc. If you do you will piss off whichever half of the players prefer the one you downgrade.

  2. Don’t half the rewards and expect people to do as well in 1v1 and 2v2 to get the old rewards. At the same time be cautious about double rewards.

  3. Along the lines of #2 don’t make it so that you really need to do both 1v1 and 2v2 this game already feels too much like a job at times (by the way what ever happened to the changes that were being considered to let someone work for 8-9 hours or get a full nights sleep without being forced to cap tickets in events)

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That is certainly more important than responding to every complaint on here, I do appreciate the hard work the dev team puts into this game, I’m just tired of bringing my members down by joining them in 2v2, as it is nearly a guaranteed loss when I do, no matter who my partner is. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s because for a full reset I was unable to play 2v2 without crashing so I redirected focus on 1v1, idk, but I never win in 2s and I don’t feel right joining my teammates who work hard for their rank only to drag them down.

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I’m an Officer in my Alliance. IMO, we are the ones who should be stepping up to help assist in other members needs. Except, what is happening to Chuckles, is happening to me. I rarely win 2v2 with my alliance mates. I was once hesitant to play 2v2 b/c I didn’t think I was good enough. Now, I just don’t want to bring my teammates rankings down. What’s worse is cringing when someone jumps into my game. We’ve come to the point where we write SOLO in chat before starting a match; as not to bring anyone else in.

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Okay, I’m calling bullshit.

HOW THE ~%#! does a level 8 commander beat a level 13 in 1v1.

No. Your :poop: is jacked, S7.
If this continues; I will quit.

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This truly makes me have no desire to play Multiplayer at all.

::::::::: walks through gaming section at the Apple store ::::::::::

Momma may be buying me some new gaming clothes. :rage:

(and by “momma”, I mean me - I work, pay my own… my money.)


I’m gonna go play pool. :8ball:

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