What do event multipliers do exactly?

Can anyone give me an example of how it works or how I can use it?

Event Rank prizes have a base value. You will receive your base rank prize with the currencies multiplied by your event multiplier. Your event multiplier is based on your event cards’ levels and your (additive) bonus from the bonus event multiplier prizes that can be redeemed from the season page (check out the far right panel).

The prize you see in the game is the actual prize you’ll receive (we’ve already done the math and factored in your multipliers for you). But you can work backwards to figure out the base value, if you’d like.

Example: My event page shows that I’ll get 10k coins for my current rank and that my event multiplier is currently 2.0. This means the base prize is 10k/2 = 5k coins. If I redeemed the season reward which increases my multiplier by another 0.3, then my new prize would become 5k * (2.0 + 0.3) = 11.5k coins.

The multiplier applies to both coins and season tokens.

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Awesome! Thanks for your explanation.

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