What determines how strong a unit is other than its level?

I found in one of my games that my opponent and I both had a level-11 Pinch ox (the Rogue flying drone with a big fist, I’ve got Chinese interface so not quite sure the exact name, sorry); mine even started from behind the barricade. However I noticed my opponent’s Pixie seemed to punch faster, and therefore knocked out my Punchbox (and the barricade). We are both level 11 and I’ve always thought we should at least die together. Is there any other factor determining how strong a unit is?

This sounds like the opponent played a Zoom Box Rogue%20Zoom%20Box%202 , which temporarily doubles attack speed for units in its radius. Does this seem probable?

Nope. I’ve encountered this twice, and I’ve watched the replays. No presence of zoom boxes.

Another possibility is if there was a Rally Point or Nash on the field to provide a damage buff. The unit would do more damage per hit, but not attack faster in this case though.

Lastly, if this was during this Counterattack event, you’ll notice small skull icons above some units. Each skull means that unit dealt a killing-blow to another unit, and gains size/damage. Therefore, if you had a Punchbox with no kills against an equal-level Punchbox with one or more kills, the enemy Punchbox would most likely win that duel.

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Ah, that explains it. It was indeed in Counterattack battles, and the opponent’s punchboxes did kill some of my units before confronting with mine. It’s only happening within the event, not in other circumstances, right?

I think one of the Boss Blitzes has a similar mechanic, but other than that, the only other unit that gets stronger from killing things in normal PvP right now is the Soul Thief.

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