What are your plans moving forward with gold and extra cards? Please respond devs!

Hi there, me again, your favorite forum and email buddy. I was curious if you had any info you could share with us on what your plans are for using gold and extra cards. Since I bought over $3k worth of virtual goods, it’s obvious I have a lot of extra cards and 300,000 gold that I am very anxious and anticipate to use very soon. I know not everyone is in my position, but I’m sure there are quite a few out there who are in the same boat as me. This could also include the free to play people who want to spend their gold on something other than cards.

So, is there anything at all you can share with us to get us pumped about what’s to come? Personally I would love to see season 1 cards on sale for gold. You can make it as expensive as you want, but that would be awesome to be able to max our my enlist because I decided at the time it sucked, but now I see it’s the one I should have maxed first. So I have the cannons and warp maxed, but my enlist is nearly useless and I am very excited to be able to max it out and use it with the mech pilots.

Gold could also be used to purchase skins or boosts or anything at all other than the feeling of disappointment when I get that as an option as my quest reward instead of coins. Even worse is when I can’t even choose gold and have to pick a card which has zero use for me. At least the gold sometimes allows me to buy coins from the shop.

And anything to report what your plans are for doing away with extra carDs? Turn them into gold? Turn them into gauntlet tickets? ( which I actually wouldn’t mind) turn them into skins? There’s plenty that could be done. I just want to know if you guys are leaning in one way or another. Thanks for reading and look forward to a response soon this week! :slight_smile:

Excess gold can be turned into missing cards on the Upgrades screen (e.g., if you have 99/100 miners and need one more, you can get it with gold if you have enough gold).

Excess cards are trickier. Turning excess cards into gauntlet tickets is a new idea on my radar, and an interesting one (though I think the UI for such a feature would perhaps be too complex). Something to think about. The team is thinking hard about this one internally … and we absolutely expect all these cards to be quite valuable down the road. You’re a bit ahead of us, but I promise we’ll catch up and you’ll be glad you have them!

@Jed @Lyth One idea that some of my co-workers proposed is a cosmetic shop where you can get “hats” for your units. The cosmetic shop could let you exchange excess gold/cards for hats so your army could march into battle in style. I found this old prototype which might give you a better (if very, very rough!) idea of what I’m talking about:




That’s hilarious :laughing:

Given the state of certain currencies and player atrophy…not sure if cosmetic hats are going to be a worthwhile conversion, as funny as that may be.

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I have all Cards to max all Units. Gold does nothing for me. I have 1 Million Gold. So i would spend it on cosmetics cause thats better then nothing.

I prefer cool looking skins rather than silly hats

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Cosmetics are a great revenue source, if other games I’ve played are any indication. Locking them behind beast-level season rewards is sort of self-defeating (after you’ve made them, they’re basically free money), and mean-spirited to boot :wink:

Good point, it needn’t be just hats. One of my co-workers also just suggested including skins in this new cosmetics shop. Seems like a good idea to me!

@Pandread I’m not sure either, which is why I’m testing the waters here (though the forums are only a small sample size, we get a ton of great feedback here). Clearly hats/skins/cosmetics alone won’t solve all the challenges in the current game, but perhaps they could be one fun and worthwhile part of a larger series of changes which together more comprehensively improves the state of the game. Or maybe we should just smile at the whimsical hats and keep searching for better ideas. TBD!

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I made a new post on what to do with gold under the general discussion section. Check it out guys.

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