What are the rules for unit aggro?

What exactly are the rules for unit aggro? I’ve thought them simply to be,

  • Units attack nearest enemy
  • Units never change aggro unless displaced

However I’ve noticed some exceptions or inconsistencies to these rules. Some examples:

  • Some (but not all?) commanders, like Roxie, might be attacking the barricade, but then switch aggro to a swarm of grunts that you send out
  • This lancer was attacking my barricade, and I Nash teleported six grunts onto it, and the lancer started attacking the grunts

So what exactly are the aggro rules? Possibly a dev could help illuminate this. Much appreciated!

I’ve seen the first and just thought it was Roxie’s nature to reacquire targets every couple seconds. The second example I’ve never seen and it doesn’t make sense

Yeah it happened to be once in a recent game, but not usually. I wonder why Roxie reacquires targets, and what other units do this.

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I actually don’t work personally on the part of the team who develops “battle”, so I’m not completely 100% certain of the following, but I believe the following is true:

If a unit is “pushed”, they will retarget to shoot at the closest enemy in range. If nothing is in range, they will walk to the closest unit they are aware of. For instance when Kuro throws everyone back. Or if a friendly unit walks behind a unit and nudges it. Or if an enemy unit is dropped on top of the unit.

I just attacked the back of a robot… After strategically waiting for the… “Magic moment”. He was gleefully… “Throwing” magic balls… of energy… Which he got… Out of a book. He carries around bc they didn’t have the room or the ram for him to store his spells in.

I sent, what can, from this point on, be thought of as a gaggle… Of Nash’s finest… “reinforcements”…

Which I can’t only think of them as “we-absorb-hits”, because I followed the rules set in place and he didn’t even gasp.

He turned his head and lathargicly said “meh” and lazily lobbed a single orb that destroyed the entire gaggle.


That’s true. Alchemists and Rocket a Troopers both turn on a dime to attack newly placed units

Well, you say that like I’m doing 80mph in a posted 65mph zone. And then when I get pulled over…

I’m all “… But, but… I didnt know bc I didn’t see the posted speed limit sign. So… We’re clear… It’s anything but my fault, officer.”

But I’m willing to accept a little blame for my ignorance… As long as you guys can show me where the rules are that say they will turn on a dime and fire on newly placed troops… AFTER they started firing at another target first that had not been destroy.

Because I can show you at least one tip that shows up while we’re all waiting to play, that implies something completely different.

And if this was just the one flaw in their consistently perfect reputation… Hell I’d just be happy I get to play… Because it would be perfect to me.

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My vanguards have been attempting to punch air units they will swing at them 2 or 3 times then give up and retarget this need addressed. Also seen all the units retarget and move backwards and switch lanes which isn”t always useful at times.

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This should be true and is the expected general behavior.

  • Roxie does uniquely re-target after each attack.
  • In the Lancer case, what likely happened is that the spawned Reinforcements nudged the Lancer out of range of the barricade, which was like a displacement, and caused it to retarget.

In the case of the Alchemists and Vanguards, we’ll likely need some more information or visual references like replays or video to really see what’s going on, as the described behaviors that don’t fit the general rules aren’t likely intended.

Man…I wanna see that…happens again post the replay in global

No problem, if i see anything else out of ordinary i will screenshot. How do share a replay with you guys?? I only see option to share with alliance…

There’s a couple ways:

  • Screen record the replay and post that video here.
  • Send us a support ticket and include the approximate time of battle, and who the opponent was (screenshot of the replay list with the relevant battle pointed out is also fine here). We have replays saved on our end and can look it up.

Ok perfect thanks… Ive also seen a bug where the opponent or my base suddenly explodes randomly … before overtime hit and have full shield and life with nothing attacking. I will also post that next time i see if yous didn’t already hear about that one.

That one we’ve not seen before. If the base explodes instantly, it usually means either you or the opponent conceded the match, or someone crashed/disconnected.

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