What are some similar games- my resignation

I’m very sad to have to post this. I’ve lost hope. I try to lvl up, then get stuck against lvl 50 “players”/bots. I can’t seem to understand why I want to lvl up if you boost players (bots) higher than me. What are some similar games so I can join the other 20 old alliances that have already quit?
-sincerely, Donnie in deadly sins

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Don’t give up hope Donnie. Join godz. They’re very active

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Well I think it’s a simple answer. The Devs don’t like progression in the game they want you to spend money and spend money then realize you wasted your money and time then quit and they start bleeding a new person. The Devs don’t realize this game needs players and to get enough players and keep them in the game there has to be economy in the game. Nobody wants to be cannon fodder to a much of boosted players or Bots. Nobody wants to spend $99 dollars on a lame package and nobody wants to spend two years building a deck. No body wants to play a game that’s feels like a slot machine.


Lol slot machine is better, those 6 epic chests from quest pass i cant even get any legend card

Well this is definitely not Burger King where you can have it your way. Customer service and making customers happy with a good product or service is the frame work for a successful company. Customers will only spend money when they feel they are getting a good product or service. Does this game offer any of this.

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Viper, you guys are being unrealistic. Side fact, they said decks have a .01 (1%) chance of legendary. After the update. So slightly better with those packs (1/10?) didn’t do the math, on these season. You not getting legendary is odds, not devs.

Second, did you guys take economy? They are at a sunk cost now, and it’s a hard thing to get around. @S7campusLifer. They spent so much updating to version 2, they can’t go back. There were solid alliances up to 50, and they’re now gone. Lvl 15 is the last active alliance now. If they switched back right when they realized, they could have had a chance. They might still might recover, but they need to go back to rank around icon and ranking to the top to satisfy accomplishments quickly.

I don’t see this game recovering. If they wanted to really make an effort to make this game into success they should strongly consider reverting to pre 2.5 while adding a few improvements and at the same time releasing an Android version to get an influx of new playerbase. There is little to no chance of acquiring a larger market share of iOS users…they botched that already.

What the business plan probably is now is to coast along more or less as is and try to prey on initial purchases by the few people who try out the game and haven’t figured out that advancement is time and cost prohibitive along with some steady impulse purchases by current players that aren’t particularly happy but can’t resist pressing purchase on a shiny $50 emote or similar.

Alternatively they could just rebrand and rerelease the game repeatedly to grab some cash from people that haven’t figured out it’s the same people releasing the same game.

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The game is dead. The devs successfully sabotaged their own game because they clearly ran out of ideas for new units every season and how to balance them. They aren’t shutting the servers down because they’d get their asses sued in a class action from all of us for the money we spent. Instead, they are just intentionally ruining the game so they reach a low enough number of active players to then justify shutting it down. They changed the entire game when it was perfect, claiming it was because lower level people were complaining about unfair matchmaking. They pretty much spat in the face of all of their endgame players who gave them a ton of money. Then they changed it even more by widening the gap between the maxed out players and the low level players. That was then followed up by spitting in the face of any new or low level player by making it almost impossible to level cards because of dust, card gain rates, moon mines, and coin Gain rates. Literally everyone I know that was level 15 is now almost permanently stuck there In the 35-40 range. You almost never get legendary cards anymore. Additionally they made it so you need to be very careful when choosing which unit to level bc you’ll probably only get 1 chance to level a card every 2-3 weeks. Then they also force you to level cards you don’t want or need just to level a commander, and further force you to do that with every faction if you want to progress through the campaign, arenas, or moon mines - WHICH ARE WHAT YOU NEED TO COMPLETE IF YOU WANT CARDS! It’s a vicious cycle of complete nonsense. No developers who made such a great game initially would have ever done what they continue to do if they weren’t clearly trying to sabotage their own product. They are fully aware that numbers have been steadily declining since these updates and refuse to revert to the old game because they want out. Otherwise, they would have listened to the majority of people posting on the forums.


nothing more to say imo

Well Donnie I am not worried about getting cards for myself. I am very fortunate to have enough cards. I am worried that the player base is shrinking so fast because of the direction these Devs are taking it. Nobody that plays games wants to start playing a game where it would take up to a year to build just one deck. The player progression is so slow and the cost is so high that it limits the player base. The events and raids are the main measure of a teams advancement but that requires maxed cards in every deck. Nobody wants to play a game that you do not feel you are making advancements on a personal level. The Devs destroyed the 2V2 player base and the ranking system which was a colossal mistake. The ELO system in the Arena is horrible system because here again kills game progression. If I beat a top player I get 20 points are so and if I lose against a boosted player or bot I can lose more points than I gain from a previous battle. If I win against a boosted player or bot I get two or three points. Nobody wants to do this grind to move up on some leaderboard that nobody looks at. There is no satisfaction. Players want to have some control within a game where is does not feel like a slot machine for purchases as well as wins and loses. The chest are horrible because they are spread across all factions. Each faction should have their own chest. Then once a month a legendary card should be offered to buy. The Devs just do not get this. It could be so simple to fix the issues with this game but they will not do it. Giving customers more choice and reducing the slot machine feeling you get within this game is a must.

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I still miss that monthly shipment it was a very cool chest giving players focused on move up the rank and gain more monthly rewards base on our rank—this game used to be perfect but idk why they need to get rid of those sweet things


Minion masters is a rip off of this game. It’s not better or nicer to the wallet. No one should check it out. I thinks it’s only on pc. Not worth taking a look

I don’t like the game much, but I have been enjoying Clash Royale far far more than Wild Beyond. The SuperCell devs are great, their marketing research is on point, they know their player-base, they give out TOOOONS of free, or easily obtainable rewards. Cards, gold, gems, emotes, constantly getting stuff. Even hitting the level 11-12 range(level 13 cards is max), and it taking months to level a card I still feel like I’m progressing and working towards something.

Unless you enjoy emote wars / emote toxicity just permanently mute emotes in Clash Royale and get some good mobile arena deck building card battles on!


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