Welcome to the Announcements Category


We’re excited to welcome you to the Wild Beyond Forum where you can discuss all manners of things with other Wild Beyond players! Let’s set our factional differences aside and engage in civilized discourse. If you’re new here, please read our Code of Conduct before posting.

We have special color titles for all of our Admin/Employees/Moderators on the forum. For ease of understanding which colors are associated to the role we’ve set them to be the colors of the factions

Admins: Ascension Turqouise
Strange Sevens Employees: Rogue Pink
Moderators: Legion Yellow

All Admins/Employees will also have a S7 or Strange Sevens at the beginning of their usernames for clarity.

The forums is still in its early stages to we would love to hear any feedback you may have on how we can improve things here.

Thanks for visiting!