We now need to focus on alliance tokens and extra cards. What to do with these?!

As someone who has spent a great Amount of money on this game, I would like to see more options on how to redirect my extra funds on something Fun that may not improve my game play but overall enjoyment of the game experience. I would like to see options on getting rid of my old cards and using those resources for something else would be really nice like they do in hearthstone. Here are some options and I want more people to join in and give some feedback and some other ideas for what to do with extra cards and alliance tokens. Because at this point alliance tokens and extra cards are a joke.

Let me turn my extra cards into alliance tokens.

With my alliance tokens let me buy:

-Extra deck slots
-Skins for my units
-Season 1 cards? Please. To finish my enlist and other cards I did not get to.
-Gauntlet tickets!
-Elite passes (I spend more on chests than this)
-Bombs- they allow me to knock others down a few medals in events. Or alliances as a whole.
-Coins (lol)
-Gems (double lol)
-A portrait with $$$$$ on it telling others Iโ€™m an investor in the game they get to play for free :slight_smile:

  • Paid vacation to visit you guys and help you implement these ideas
    -Refresh my daily battle chests
    -A lady of the night
    โ€”โ€”Customizable skins (skins that have more to it other than just re-color like different guns or something of the like. Such as different flame color (green) on my flamethrower guy. โ€”โ€”-

I also like the idea of โ€œdustingโ€ extra cards so you can use them for the cards you actually need. We had talked about doing this in the last release but didnโ€™t manage to fit it in the schedule.

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This is hearthstones way of doing their card game. If You guys have not played hearthstone, you really need to go check it out because everything that they do in their game could easily be implemented into this game and they have had years and years of experience of tweaking their game and itโ€™s near perfect.

But keep in mind while some of us donโ€™t really need to be testing our cards from our cards because we donโ€™t need any cards we just need coins and gems and gauntlet tickets As well as a way to purchase season units from old seasons with dust or extra cards

As long as season 1 tokens can be obtained this way, Iโ€™m all for it. Otherwise, I think I have enough cards to max out just about every unit in my deck (maybe missing a couple of legendaries). Just no coin at all :weary:


I have an extra 15-20 legendary cards for each unit.
Epic extra 300
Rare 1,500 - 2,000
Common 5k+

And 300k alliance tokens. Sometimes I just buy out the black market store just to spend the tokens.

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