We gonna talk about bots, or nah?

So…are we officially playing against bots (which are usually higher level, with weird names and alliances which don’t seem to exist) or is there a separate server that has other people on it? Or something else? Just tired of getting destroyed by “John234994848584” from alliance “win123” who has a deck full of lvl 17 cards, it who apparently loses to everyone else because they can’t make the top 100


What you are facing is the top players from the exclusive competitive pro server. They won’t show up on regular leaderboards because they have their own pro league.

*** if you had that sort of response, would it be enough for you or would it open up a whole new can of worms?


Lmao this sounds too serious, I feel like a lot are going to read this and not understand you’re being facetious

It would be a response, so I could accept it. I’d have additional questions, but it would be better than silence

Unfortunately I believe the only other server that might exist is an Asian server but I don’t know if that’s even a thing

You want the official answer? They’re boosted players whose data has been randomized.

However, I am more and more beginning to suspect that this is not entirely the case. Granted though, I have no “official” proof of this (as they won’t actually tell us), but I have my suspicions.

From the start, I’ve always been curious as to why players data needed to be “randomized” or “hidden” if they were all entirely legitimate players. Simply allowing us to see the players real information, but adding a little visible icon notifying us that the player was boosted would suffice.

My current thoughts on the matter are that there are two different types of bots within the game. For the sake of simplicity, they shall be defined as 1) Player bots and 2) Live bots.

Player bots are exactly what has been described to us. Players who have boosted levels but randomized player data. They’re a small part of the random challengers and champions you get matched with who don’t exist on the leaderboards, but can play particularly well (because they have the skillsets, just lack the levels to truly climb). This instance describes a human player controlling artificial unit levels.

Live bots on the other hand, are the exact opposite. These represent the rest of the random bots on the live server that you typically run into during events and 1v1s that are relatively easier to beat, and appear to be AI controlled. The more time you put into the game, the easier it becomes to differentiate real player tendencies from artificial ones. These bots also appear as Challengers and Champions (that don’t show on the leaderboards). This instance however describes the system copying a real players deck, and then using AI to control it.

Personally, I’m fine either way.

Adding bots into games isn’t anything new. It’s something that many companies do when trying to get a new game off the ground and running, with the intention of decreasing queue times until the player-base can grow large enough to compensate.

Is that the case here though? Who knows, they won’t say. And this? Well this is all just my theory.

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As far as I know, basically this is “old news” but some new people are reaching the point where they can enumerate every player at their level. Please use this forum’s search functionality and you’ll find various discussions and announcements around this.

My problem with it is that they get card levels 2-3 levels higher than mine, and when real people are playing it’s tough to win, the obvious bots are easy, though.

I think what’s important is how this “old news” plays into event match making and scoring and how it completely defeats the point of competition if we are literally paying to compete with bots that are arbitrarily higher level and lower payout

I just found your old response and the post was barely replied to in April so I assume this will be ignored as well

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There’s one thing very flawed about strange 7’s explanation on who these so called “phantom/ghost players” the ones that are non existent on leaderboards etc.
‘They’re players with random names/alliance/ranking to hide true ID’

I’ve played many matches on alt accounts down in the lower levels and ranks and i’ve Never EVER came across any that are using same or similar levels (up to higher by 2 levels) than mine that can put up a decent fight let alone know how to perfectly time and counter what i’m Doing…

So if there’s none that could do it when we are playing with real Identity, then what’s changed when they are hidden real ID with boosted decks now being able to give me a proper challenge, countering me so perfectly, schooling me.

Where did this skill come from with just boosted deck?

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Please continue the conversation here (duplicate thread).