Way of the dragon

Way of the dragon campaign mission needs to be multiplayer because it is insane that I have to do this by myself. This campaign level is seriously next to impossible to do without spending some sort of money, it’s just unacceptable that it’s singleplayer.

@Xavier7285 Looking at your “Join date” in Wild Beyond, you’re 9 days new to this game. But wait,

You can overcome this mission with ease by following these simple steps:

  1. Look for an active alliance (private or public) and join it. Be wary of the “MINIMUM (MIN.) RANK”. They will not accept you below that rank.

  2. Start the mission in the “CAMPAIGN” menu.

  3. Wait for someone to join you in your mission in the “ALLIANCE CHAT” room.

  4. Great! Someone joined you in your mission!

Now, cause havoc onto your enemies.



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