Warp season number one

What happens when season one is over? Does the season coin chart get reset?

As far as I understand, Season One tokens can’t be used for season two units. So I would say that yes, it is safe to assume your coin chart/tokens will reset and not roll over into the next season.

I highly doubt you can use time warp tokens on season 2 :joy: that doesn’t make sense with the tournament structure around it

So season one has 2 months left. I’ve done 53% of the legion in the rare tier now I’m currently on the epic tier 13%, to acquire a legendary token I will need 16,600 coins in total :roll_eyes:

I assume it’s probably best to complete each hero type for a epic key?

I’m 16,000 away from unlocking the third legendary key. Remember you need all three to unlock the third tier. It was fine this way until this tournament where they completely threw everything in the air and said “give us your monayyyyyy”

You should check that math though because it costs 16,000 more for me and I’m 24% in on my third epic level