Warp glitch results in units beyond our barriers

Just played a 2v2 match where opponent warped their units back to their own base to defend but a glitch resulted in one of their ant queens warping to our base when both our barriers are still intact.

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Thank you for reporting this I’ve never seen this issue reported before. If you could point us at a replay or a video that would be helpful to get this fixed more quickly

I posted the replay on our aliiance chat. It has a date stamp of 11-06-22 11:40:08 and battle between maxgjnsu/billy from royal guard and juba68 and super from HOD. Does that help? I don’t know how to grab the video from the game

I’ve been in the same situation as well. The opponent warped a troop of units to our wall and one Eternal Warrior somehow got inside our base when the wall still stood.

Ditto, but I think the replay has rolled off by now. In my case, it was an Avasa that ended up on my side of the barricade :hot_face:

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