Warp, Enlist, Riot Cannon impossible to get ?!?

Why we still cant get these 3 Legendary cards now ?? Since season 1 ends i still didn’t got any. I haven’t even unlocked these 3. Developers said after the Season 1 end Players are possible to get these 3 legendary card from chest but i think developers didn’t added in chest. Have you ever got any of these legendary cards from Chest ?


I’m not sure when we wrote that they would appear in chests. I’m pretty sure I’ve personally repeatedly said the opposite

Don’t you think it is unfair to make previous season units mandatory in events? Let’s say you joined when season 2 started and the event requires season one rare units. That makes 4-8 useless units that can occur in your hand. Newer players are clearly at disadvantage and would probably end up winning 10% of their games.

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If it was the case that the seasonal cards you’re currently earning will not be useful in future events, would you push as hard to get them ?

There has to be a better way to do season cards. As it stands, new players are severely gimped in events and regular play. Your current stance of “try really hard during the season or you’re screwed!” literally makes zero sense for a competitive game. You really need to rethink the way that they work.

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it wasn’t on forum. it was on Game i read that from Season info just before the season ends. Also season 1 was so unfair i just unlocked Ascension but i needed all other key thats why i didn’t make it in time

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