Warp bug with shadowblades

When warp is used on the opposite side of the battlefield with shadowblades in play they automatically leap to your core base. See link: https://youtu.be/5cQdi9G1ARI

Yeah that’s definitely not supposed to happen, that would infuriate me lol

Thing is that person clearly knew that and exploited it and should be banned for purposely cheating

There are some issues we’re looking into that involve displacement abilities, or units being moved “inside” of the barricade or other impassable object on the map, causing them to jump to elsewhere on the map, which happens to be next to the base. In the video above, it’s likely that they ended up next to the base because the barricade was at their Warp destination. The damage from the Shadowblades’ leap attack did not proc, which means they did not use Leap to get to the base.

This is being considered as a bug at this time, and not cheating (although it’s not intended for units to glitch to the base). Is this reproducible 100% of the time from what you’ve seen?

The reason why I think it’s an offense and not a bug is because anyone who has those cards already know not to use teleport that early in a match. I haven’t personally seen this but the way the player did this immediately tells me they know what they were doing.

But regardless of what I see from it, if you see things different then I’m not gonna argue against your call

Yeah that player definitely was exploiting the bug to win and that match even went to overtime and ended with me losing by a hair because of this exploit FYI

Yeah, normally if it goes into overtime, the person with any base damage loses so that another huge advantage they’d have exploiting this, especially with how well that faction can stall

Oh yeah that definitely looks like they knew what they were doing

@DavyWonder thank you for posting the video to youtube. It was very helpful and made this much easier to writeup the bug.

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