Warp Broken

Why is it that my warp sends my troops back to the original spot?

hi @ᏀαŽ₯ᏀαŽ₯! Thank you for this bug report. I don’t suppose you could supply us with a video of your replay? Or point us a replay we can look at?

Ok I will get one

I just lost one to Bosioo is that all you need to see it?

hi @ᏀαŽ₯ᏀαŽ₯. thanks for the details. that was enough for me to download a replay. We’ll take a look and see what’s going on. (ref 60092)

Thanks I have to pull them out of my deck since they are broken


Still nothing? Wow

Hi @ᏀαŽ₯ᏀαŽ₯. This bug is in our backlog of things to fix, but it’s not something which is going to happen in a today-tomorrow timeframe. We hope it will get into an upcoming app update.

To be clear, this forum is not a formal channel to get employee support. We are only using it to post announcements, gather information on bugs, and point players at information. If you need a support response, please use the in-game support functionally found in the settings menu.

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