Warning about arena level

Please let us shut off the warning. It’s mostly inappropriate at my level and randomly tells me the arena is too high including the level 47 arena with a level 50 commander and appropriate cards. I’ve accidentally clicked yes to going to a lower arena and had to run more battles to cap coins, it’s not helpful it’s annoying. Let us shut it off.


This should appear once per day if you have a winrate below 50%.

The problem we were trying to solve: some people have really bad winrates in a given arena. This could happen because their cards aren’t strong enough for the arena or because they’re less skilled than the average player in that arena. Instead of switching to an easier arena, most people in this situation usually write in to us to complain about it. The intention of this pop up is to short circuit the conversation and remind them what action they should take if they’re losing a lot.

It’s at least once per log in not once per day. It usually happens when I start in an arena, and then again if I lose. Then it’s usually gone till I log on again.

1 loss in 50 will trigger this :joy:

When you think about this 50% is still a pretty rapid trigger. For every win there must be a loss, so for every player above a 50% win rate there has to be a player below a 50% win rate. So this will trigger for at least half the players. Maybe reduce it to 30-35% win rate to trigger. But I still think you should just let us turn the warning off.

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