Wait times are killing this game still!


@Mikestergame please fix the wait time issues. Once you rank up you can be waiting for 15 minutes for a match, then end up with a bot and get glitched out. What is going on?

Is it new management? Same same but different?

Long time player



Woa that’s a long one. You may however try to invite battles in the world chat.


@Saccharine how do you do that? Can u receive rank credits that way?


What rank is this player? The game penalized players pretty heavily for losses thus rank progress for a majority of the playerbase is slower than a whale. The GF have played quite a bit and it’s generally 3 wins to regain medals for a single loss. That makes ranking up very tedious. I mean, I’m only gold 2 right and I don’t wanna do PvP cause a loss is huge, lolol.

So I’m curious, as matching in bronze/silver and usually gold are less then a minute to match up.


@Dredd just go to global chat and press the challenge button on the upper right.


thing is is people r still learning i think at time


Those I ranked battles you do not get medals