Version v2.31 Release Notes


This release intends to fix the most urgent problems introduced by the recent v2.30 app update.

There are many other issues we plan to fix, but wanted to get out an app update for the most urgent new issues introduced by last week’s app update. We continue looking into Alliance Quest problems and will address these and other game bugs in upcoming updates.

Matchmaking Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the matchmaker would provide opponents who appeared with way lower rank than it should, and then give disproportionate rewards for winning/losing to such a person. This issue was affecting both normal ranked mode and event mode.
  • Increased matchmaking speed for players with very high level cards in their deck (level 15+). This should be immediately a little better after the release and we will use the tools provided by this update to continue to tune this each day to provide faster matches for players with high end decks.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused some players to be unable to get into the game because they were repeatedly shown “No internet connection.”
  • Fixed an issue causing the app to crash out to the iOS home screen on certain devices.
  • Fixed an issue where common/basic chests would provide coins without any numeric amount associated with it.
  • Fixed an issue where seasonal sale items would properly deduct the sale price, but wouldn’t allow you to make the purchase unless you had enough season tokens for the full price.
  • Fixed an issue where tactics and other certain cards now properly target buildings & Power Plants.
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking a season tree key didn’t also mark the pertinent tab as unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where certain cards (such as Armored Airship) were no longer allowed to be requested for alliance card donations.
  • Removed Season 1 Time Warp cards from alliance card donations again.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t apply to a full alliance.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where most alliances are labeled with lower activity ratings than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where the “alliance recommender” gives recommendations of alliances with low activity.

    Developer Comment While the code has been updated for these, the algorithm will take some time to update with the new numbers with the new code. Expect these to settle in a good place around a week after the v2.31 update is released.

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Temporary Issues which are now fixed

  • Display inconsistencies with commander and barricade levels
  • Replays showing wrong battle outcomes
  • Corrosive Rain is missing its deployable boundary
  • Combat Miner doesn’t have initial mining animation (energy generation possibly affected too)

Known Issues

  • Frozen K9 can still Leap to target
  • Alliance application issues