Version 2.70 Release Notes

Campaign Changes

  • The Galaxy Rewards now have an animation to make it clear when you’re accumulating rewards.
  • Campaign battles have a new panel prior to battle for you to compare your cards to the opponent and quickly perform any available upgrades.
  • There is now a button to quickly access the “Recruit” functionality when you’re in the campaign.
  • Roxie’s mission where she defends herself by playing lots and lots of Seeker Missile cards has been replaced with a more normal battle.
  • The first world in the campaign (Ares) now has 61 missions instead of 25.
  • There are now many more “normal” missions for players to learn how to use their commanders.
  • The difficulty of the campaign has been rebalanced to reflect.
    • Some players will need to go back to defeat these missions again. It should be pretty easy and pay out some nice rewards.
  • When you lose your first battle in the campaign, a tutorial now appears to teach you how to upgrade cards and try again.
  • Quests have been updated to reflect the dense campaign found in Ares world.
  • Early tutorial has been updated to handle early campaign changes.

Recruit Chest Progress Bar

  • The recruit chests now include a progress bar which count how many chests you’ve opened.
  • As you hit certain milestones you will receive Rare, Epic or Legendary Cards.

Other Recruit Chest Changes

  • Event chests can now be opened 10x at a time.
  • If you are sitting on a chest which you forgot to open before the timer ran out, it will now appear in the Special section instead of being invisible until the next time that event runs months later.

Coin Packs

  • It is now possible to purchase coins for Diamonds again.
  • The purchase amount is X hours given your current rate of coin generation in your Galaxy Rewards.

General changes

  • Cards in battle tray now show the level of the cards as soon as the tutorial ends.
  • Loading screen now includes more animations so it’s more clear that the app has not crashed.
  • Players who are not currently in an alliance are shown alliances which do not require someone to accept an application to join.
  • Improve memory usage on low end devices so they crash less often.
  • Store now always starts on the first tab.
  • Limited time value packs and first purchase bonus now has more entry points on the main HUD and campaign HUD.
  • The level of your own barricade will always display as soon as battle begins. No more wondering what level you’ve got during 2v2!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue blocking players from getting into the app.
  • Fixed an issue where the event page and progression prize page disagree on how many event battle a player has won.
  • Fixed a bug in the campaign where it said the boss was Kuro but it was actually Avasa and the level of the enemy was inappropriately difficult.
  • Fixed a bug around Roxie’s ground explosion dealing incorrect damage after she was upgraded beyond level 17.
  • Fixed a bug where the level-xp bar flashed yellow every time you earned XP, even if you did not level up.
  • Fixed a bug where the Intro cinematic was missing some of the planets.

Live Update 325

  • Players who have finished Planet 1 (Ares) will have all the zones on Planet 1 marked as completed.
  • This will complete numerous quests and unlock a number of features (Leaderboards, Alliances, Gold Mine Alicia Boss). It should also increase Galaxy Reward Payouts.
  • Fix a bug in stage 2 - 21 where in some cases the mission wouldn’t end when you kill Grrillla boss.
  • Fix a bug where you wouldn’t be able to join an alliance