Version 2.62 Release Notes

This release is a relatively small update containing mostly bugfixes.

  • Multiplayer Arenas mastery is now called called “Crowns” instead of “Stars.”
  • Related: Cards now display a count of “stars” to denote how much they’ve been upgraded.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Arena” leaderboard would sometimes appear blank.
  • Fixed an issue where some players who were permanently locked out of the game will be able to get in after a few times.
  • Multiplayer Arenas now unlock earlier in the tutorial experience.
  • Arena 2 now requires fewer crowns to unlock.
  • New players begin the game with 2000 Gold currency.
  • Fixed a bug around collecting Multiplayer Arena crowns too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Event Chest has blank art.
  • Fixed an issue with 2x campaign missions which were basically impossible to defeat (found on World 2 when you play Callaway and Avasa bosses.)
  • The Upgrade Lab has been reorganized into three tabs: Upgrade, Scrap and Collection. Things you do not yet own only appear exclusively in the “Collection” section.
  • The quest line around “Earn N distinct cards” has been removed and replaced with functionality where you can collect Diamonds in the “Collection” section of the Upgrade Lab.
  • Tapping on the Store icon now takes you to the first tab instead of the Daily Deals tab.
  • Made it more obvious what is happening when you upgrade a card.
  • The Upgrade Lab will no longer persistently be badged forever if you can afford something you’re not interested in upgrading.
  • Scrap currencies have been moved onto the HUD in the scrap tab.
  • Special tab in the recruit section no longer includes the normal Recruit chest – only special chests!
  • Commanders and abilities no longer appear in the scrap section because they can not be scrapped.
  • If you lose a campaign battle and hit the “Upgrade Cards” button on the defeat screen, it will now send you to the Upgrade Lab showing the deck used in the campaign mission instead of your selected deck from Multiplayer Arenas.
  • Fixed an issue where it would incorrectly label a card “New” when you open Recruit Chests.