Version 2.60 Release Notes


We’re excited to announce the next big release of Wild Beyond! This update includes much requested 2v2 improvements as well as a New Home Screen, New Campaign Missions, New Quest Rewards, Campaign-based coin and xp rewards, Card Economy Changes, Server Leaderboards, Bug fixes and more!

2v2 for Multiplayer Arenas

  • 2v2 has been integrated into the Multiplayer Arena system!
  • After you select an arena, you can select 1v1 or 2v2 battle.
  • The invite to join 2v2 labels the maximum card level of the arena in question.
  • When you send out a 2v2 invite, a teammate can join your battle in that arena.
  • Both players have their cards “squashed” down to the maximum card level for that arena.
  • Both players get rewards from that arena, as applicable (i.e., both players can earn coins, bonuses and medals from that arena, but if one player has maxed their daily coins already that player won’t get coins, or if a player has already maxed that arena [or not unlocked that arena] they would not earn any more medals)

Developer Note: We wanted to make sure we got 2v2 back into the game, and this should allow you to get your daily coin and diamond rewards and rank up your arenas by playing with your alliance once again! Please note that this 2v2 change applies to alliance only, not to ‘quickmatch’, which has been renamed to ‘practice match’ and uses the old match system. We may revisit this in future updates!

New Home Screen

  • The home screen has been revamped so that everything is situated in your home-base world.
  • Some features have been pulled out of submenus and put onto the home screen.

Developer Note: We wanted to bring our players more into the world of Wild Beyond and make navigation easier! This update also has the benefit of making it faster to access features within the game with a single tap, rather than hunting through menus (e.g., Campaign, Mine, Alliance Raid, Leaderboards and Gauntlet all can now be accessed directly with one tap)


  • Campaign has been extended! Explore 3 more planets, including Sacchar the Kraken planet!
  • Rebalanced the difficulty of the campaign for worlds 1-3.
  • You are now rewarded XP from winning campaign battles instead of Multiplayer and Upgrade Lab.
  • All the coin costs and wait timers have been removed when traveling between campaign planets.
  • There is now a button on the campaign screen to quickly head to the squad-builder for the current commander.
  • You will no longer be blocked from attempting the next campaign mission because of low deck power.
  • Commanders and various features now unlock based on campaign progress instead of player level.
  • Overall xp costs to level up have changed, but players will remain the same level as previously

Galaxy Rewards

  • You now earn hourly XP and coins based on how far you’ve reached in the campaign Galaxy!
  • These rewards can accumulate up to 12 hours without being collected.
  • The further you reach in the campaign, the more it generates per hour.
  • Elite doubles rewards from this galaxy reward.

Developer Note: We wanted to provide rewards for being active and logging in daily, as well as reward players for pushing further into the campaign content. Now you can get coins every time you login!

Other Multiplayer Arena changes

  • If you are losing a lot in a hard arena, a popup with encourage you to try an easier arena.
  • When you open Multiplayer Arena, it now scrolls the arena most appropriate to your winrate.
  • The very first arena now has all 3x factions in it. Star costs have been rebalanced.
  • The daily win multipliers have been increased.
  • The max card level per arena has been adjusted to account for 50 levels on cards.

Developer Note: Existing players will need to go back to the first arena to earn the star for Legion/Rogue. It should be pretty easy :wink:

Coins & Cards Economy Changes

  • Coins have been “inflated” by 400x. All coin generation and costs have been multiplied by 400.
  • Existing players will have their current holdings of coins will be multiplied by 800 at the moment of upgrade.

Developer’s Note: This inflation was done primarily to accommodate the Galaxy coin rewards, so even at low levels and in short time increments you can always get some coins from these rewards. The coin cost and acquisition curve has also been changed somewhat. (The reward for fighting in higher arenas and advanced further into the campaign has increased greatly, and so have the higher level costs, but the time and effort per upgrade should remain similar to previous if you are fighting content that is your level). This means that getting ‘ahead’ of your level and fighting more challenging content should allow you to advance much faster!

  • Coin purchases for diamonds now scale with campaign progress; now that coin earnings and costs scale more with your progress, a flat exchange rate would be unfair to either early or late-game players, so a scaling exchange rate was necessary. For a player at max level the diamond cost to buy all the coins to max out one unit are about the same.

  • All Cards now have 50 levels!

  • Most levels will only cost coins to upgrade. Only every 5th level will require cards and Dust to upgrade.

    • The total cost in cards is exactly to reach level 50 is exactly the same as previously, and dust is almost exactly the same; common and rare cards will take slightly less dust than previously and epic and legendary cards will take slightly more (3-10% adjustments)
  • Existing players will have their current cards mapped to the new system, rounding upward. For instance, if one of your cards was previously level 17 (the previous maximum), that card will now be level 50.

    • Because the card cost to upgrade stayed the same, this is mapping is very clear and easy! Everyone’s counts of cards and dust will only go up.
    • Let’s do an example.
      • Say you had your common Archer at level 14, and had 20 spare copies of that archer.
      • That would have taken 81 common cards total and 192K dust;
      • The closest equivalent new level is level 36, which would take 75 cards and 184K dust
      • We would first give you the difference in cards and dust (+6 cards, so now you have 26, and +8K dust)
      • Then we would give you all the ‘coin only’ levels that do not cost cards for free, and raise the new card level from 36 up to 40
    • Another Example:
      • You had your epic Shadowblade at level 11, with no spare copies
      • That would have taken 9 copies and 60K dust
      • The closest equivalent new level is 26 with 8 copies and 63k dust cost
      • We would first give you the difference in cards and dust (+1 cards, no change in dust since the new level cost more and we are only increasing dust and cards)
      • Then we would give you all the ‘coin only’ levels that do not cost cards for free, and raise the new card level from 26 up to 30
  • Rare cards now start at level 6, Epic cards start at level 11, Legendary cards start at level 16.

  • The total power increase from level 1 to level 50 is about 50% larger than the total power increase from level 1 to level 17 was previously, which means that each individual level power increase is a bit smaller.

  • Gauntlet now shows all level 50 cards instead of level 17 cards.

Developer Note: Previously players of Wild Beyond could go a pretty long time without upgrading any cards. This is because compared to other mobile games, previously Wild Beyond had way fewer “upgrade moments”! We’ve chopped up the curve from level 1 to max level into more granular pieces so that players can more frequently upgrade and know that they’re making progress. This new upgrade curve is in-line with top mobile card collection games.

  • You can now scrap seasonal cards if you have enough card copies to reach max level.

Developer Note: We previously allowed players to scrap seasonal cards, and players had problems where they scrapped cards which were difficult to replace. We then changed it so you could not scrap seasonal cards, and players had problems where they would earn seasonal cards which they already had at max level. We hope that this change handles both problematic cases.

Recruit chests

  • Previously, if you earned a special chest (such as an event chest) but don’t open it before the timer ends, then you can’t open the chest until months in the future when the event runs again. This has been fixed: if you earn a special chest but don’t open it, it will stick around in the Special section until you open it, even if the timer has elapsed.

Server Leaderboard

  • Players who join the game will be grouped into “servers” until each server becomes full.
  • Race there rest of your server to reach the furthest in the arena, campaign and boss battles!
  • The top player on the server gets their name shouted out!

Quest menu

  • The quest menu now has tabs with a bunch of different functionality. All of the classic quests have been put into the “Achievement” tab. We have added additional achievement quests that extend the current set of quests later into the game (e.g., more upgrade card quests, more campaign quests) so there are more diamonds to earn!
  • The quest menu has been revamped to provide a series of Daily Quests.
  • Completing these quests generates points to get daily rewards.
  • Use this as a guide of things to do each day!

  • The weekly tab similarly has goals to finish during the entire week.

  • The Quest Pass functionality allows you to earn rewards based on how many quests you complete.
  • Additionally, you can purchase a Quest Pass to earn even more rewards.

Developer Note: Players seemed to like the Premium Pass for leveling up, so we are working towards providing more high value ways to earn & purchase rewards.

Daily Diamonds

  • A new section has been added to the store called “Daily Diamonds.”
  • There is a free Daily Diamonds you can collect.
  • You can additionally purchase 30 day packages of bigger Daily Diamonds.

Developer note: We wanted to provide low price point, highly cost-effective purchases for players that stay active in Wild Beyond! These diamond cards provide some of the best value in the game if you play every day!


  • The tutorial was highly revamped to handle changes of the homescreen, campaign, etc.

Battle Changes

  • Nash and his SkySharks will always appear with the same levels on them.

Developer note: Previously, the Skysharks which spawn alongside Nash had slightly different behaviors depending on the level of Nash. For instance, if you played a level 4 nash, he would get level 10 Skysharks appear alongside him. As Nash levels up, the difference in level between Nash and the Skysharks changes such that when you get to maximum card level, Nash and the SkySharks would have the same level. While the game has always worked this way, it caused a lot of confusion in Multiplayer Arenas when you’re playing in an arena for max card level N, see your opponent play a Nash card of card level N, but they has SkySharks appear with card level N + 1. We’ve made this change because the balance difference is extremely minor and it clears up some confusion.

Bug fixes

  • Players should no longer match against the same opponent two times in a row when you play 2v2.
  • The chat system should no longer send messages saying someone ranked up.
  • If you open a special chest (e.g., an event chest), it now counts towards “Recruit X times” quests.
  • If you have enough cards to get a seasonal card to max level, you can now scrap the cards beyond that.
  • The final arena should now properly update the medal count and ELO after each battle without reopening the app.
  • The alliance recommendation system has brought back the option to limit who can apply. Select the minimum arena required to apply. To use this, officers should edit their alliance settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the leaderboards had problems showing scores which were very high (for example on the “Top 100” leaderboard.)
  • Fixed an issue where leaderboards showed you as #1 erroneously.
  • Fixed an issue where it was unclear you were opening Epic chests when you purchase an event value pack.
  • Fixed an issue where campaign missions kept causing an app restart if you had a low rank in 1v1.
  • Fixed an issue where if you didn’t open a special chest (e.g., an event chest) you would be unable to open it until it next appears (e.g., months later when the same event runs again.)