Version 2.50 Release Notes


Huge changes in this coming update! We are tackling something very core to the game - how matches are made - and giving players much more choice as to what type of matches they want! We are also revamping how you earn cards, added in equippable emotes, and are giving players more choice of what cards to upgrade. As part of this change, existing players are likely to get a ton of diamonds as they claim newly added quests, so we hope you enjoy!

Multiplayer Arenas

  • “Ranked Multiplayer” mode has been replaced by “Multiplayer Arenas”
  • There are now 15 different arenas, and each arena has a maximum card level allowed to be used in that arena.
  • If you play in an arena which cards higher than the maximum level, they will be “squashed down” to that maximum level.
  • Matchmaking in this mode will no longer be based on MMR or ELO: Instead you will be matched with anyone at all trying to play in that arena.
  • The more difficult arena, the higher the coin payouts per win. The coin payouts are intended to scale up such that it would not be a good idea for a player to “punch down” — if they go play in an arena which is too easy for them they may have a 95% win rate, but they’ll earn coins so slowly it won’t be worth the time.
  • Players can choose if they want to play in an easy arena with a high win-rate but with low amount of coins per win, or if they want to play in a hard arena with a low win-rate with a high amount of coins per win.
  • Arena Medals no longer payout differently depending on the ELO difference between the opponents. Instead, medals are earned/lost on a flat value per win/loss in that arena.
  • The “three chests” found in multiplayer have been replaced by bonus rewards for first three wins of the day.
  • Players unlock the next arena by completing the medal bars in the previous arenas to earn stars. You can earn up to 3 stars for each arena.
  • The amount of XP and coins one can earn from this system is capped based on how many stars you’ve collected.
  • As detailed in a previous announcement, existing players will be mapped to earning stars based on the card levels in their 3x best decks.

Developers note: In the past we have always tried to serve ‘fair’ matches where we estimate you have a roughly 50% chance of winning, but this has not always been successful, and it can be hard to perceive if a match is ‘fair’ or not. With this change we put the power into your hands, and let you choose the difficulty of the match! For example, if you have all level 13 units, you could play in the level 13 arena and never match anyone with higher level cards than you, or, you could match in the level 14 or 15 arenas with tougher matchups but higher rewards! For now, this system only applies to 1v1 battles, and not yet to events or 2v2, but we may expand this system to those modes in the future.

Chests and Card Economy

  • Chests are no longer awarded in multiplayer mode, quest menu, etc.
  • There is a single place to open chests in the game called “Recruit.”
  • This centralized chest pays out a single card per chest.
  • The game economy has been accordingly been rebalanced such that it requires way fewer card copies per level up.
  • Players with unused card duplicates will have them accordingly adjusted to align with the lowered costs to upgrade to the next card level.

Developer’s note: In the past, opening chests and/or getting cards has felt pretty boring - most players we found didn’t even look at what cards they got from their chests after the first day or two. This is a shame, because gets new stuff should be exciting and meaningful! In this update, every card you get matters, and it is much more understandable how you get new unit cards - they all come from the Recruit chest. This change also helped us streamline the new arena system. You’ll earn a bunch of diamonds & recruit tokens every day to let you open these Recruit chests daily

Level Rewards

  • The level rewards screen has been updated to remove most card rewards - instead it awards chests and rubies.
  • A BattlePass-style option has been added to get additional rewards per level - this is the best deal on diamonds added to date!

Upgrade Lab

  • The currently selected deck now has a new treatment to highlight it.
  • The UI has been rearranged to make the card currently being upgraded float as you scroll.
  • Upgraded cards at higher levels will now require factional “Scrap” currency.
  • To earn this scrap currency, use the “Scrap” option to convert the duplicate cards you’re not interested in to generate the scrap for the cards you want to focus on.

Developer’s note: The scrap functionality was added to increase player choice of which cards they want to upgrade within each faction. With this system you can scrap copies of units you don’t want to upgrade (or have max’d) and use them to upgrade the cards you do want to upgrade. Having this feature lets us keep the required number of copies to upgrade a particular card low.

Leaderboard changes

  • Leaderboards have been updated to work with the new arena matchmaking system.
  • The “Top 100” players are the players in the final arena, sorted by the sum of all their medals in that arena.
  • The Arena leaderboard shows the top players in your current arena, sorted by the sum of all their medals in the given arena.

2v2 mode

  • 2v2 will no longer contribute to your ranking or earn standard rewards
  • The 2v2 button currently lives in your alliance chat.

Developer’s note: We realize lots of players love 2v2 mode, but it didn’t fit well into the new Multiplayer arena system; so, for now, it’s just for fun – we will swing back to this in the future and figure out how to make it fit into our new multiplayer system.


  • Campaign is now single player; If you’re looking for some co-op games, go fight some Gold Mine bosses!
  • Campaign now pays out diamonds when you win.

Quest Menu

  • The free chest has been replaced with free diamonds.
  • Recruiting Expedition quest have been replaced with a daily quest.
  • Added new quest chains focused around upgrading cards, scrapping cards, collecting cards, beating campaign missions, beating multiplayer battles.

Developer’s Note: We decided to let existing players claim the (many, many) diamonds from these new quest chains. These diamonds should help existing players accelerate into the new system!

Value Packs

  • Value Packs purchase options have been completely revamped to offer rewards which make sense in the new system.

Gold Store

  • Since it requires way fewer cards to level up, the card prices in this store have been adjusted accordingly.
  • You can no longer buy cards for Gold currency in the upgrade lab.

Developer’s note: Each card is much more valuable now, so gold prices have increased to match. Each purchase in the store will be much more impactful now!

Player profile

  • We’ve removed rank information from player profile as it no longer makes sense with the new Multiplayer Arena system.


  • We’ve added a system for earning and equipping custom emotes!
  • Say GG as an animated Nash! Say “screw you” with an animated Val!
  • These emotes can also be sent in chat.

Monthly Rank Reset

  • The monthly rank reset and the monthly shipment have been disabled.


  • Featured Event units which are Unowned will now always use card level 1.
  • We have not yet applied our new Multiplayer Arena system to Events: For now, matchmaking in events will continue to work the same as before. If it looks like the new system is working well we will consider moving towards that system here as well.
  • Event multipliers have been adjusted to reflect the addition of commander cards into the card pool.


  • Since it now requires drastically fewer card copies to level up, the amount of cards found in the season tab have been adjusted accordingly.

Gauntlet mode

  • Gauntlet mode now unlocks at level 28, costs Diamonds to play.


  • Requesting cards for chat donations now is allowed 2x a day, for only common cards, with a maximum of one received. Sending a card will award faction scrap for donating.
  • Automated server messages use bigger font so they’re easier to read.
  • Rank borders have been removed as they don’t make sense in the new Multiplayer Arena system.


  • The tutorial and early game sessions have been adjusted to teach the new Multiplayer Arenas system.

Elite Account

  • Elite account has been adjusted to pay out double coins instead of double chests.
  • Elite account also doubles the diamonds now awarded from the first win of the day.
  • Elite account now doubles the daily limit on how much XP & coins you can earn.

Card Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where sometimes if Avasa is warped right next to the enemy barricade, she would start attacking the Power Plants behind the barricade.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, when you collect coins from an Allied Raid or Event War results, you would properly receive the coins but the visuals would make it confusing whether you received the rewards or not. This is now fixed.
  • Made some changes to our server infrastructure in hopes to reduce connection problems.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the invitation to join a Gold Mine boss battle showed the wrong commander’s face in the Deck Power requirement readout.
  • Alicia’s “end of battle” screen has been adjusted to fit iPhoneX resolution properly.
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