Version 2.40 Release notes


Wild Beyond v2.40 brings many changes to social features, battle, progression features outside of battle, and events.

Introducing: Mining Moons

The feature formally known as Boss Blitz is getting a big revamp!

  • The Adventure Tab has been reorganized into a galaxy view to make it quicker to jump into the features (campaign, bosses and gauntlet.)
  • Boss Blitz will no longer appear in the Adventure section of the game with a weekly rotation.
  • Instead, players will find a set of “Mining Moons” in their Adventure section. You can tap on these moons to collect from their Gold Mines.
  • To upgrade the Gold Mines, defeat the Bosses with your teammates! Each moon will have bosses which you unlock by defeating them in the campaign.
  • Bosses require that both players use the same commander which they used to defeat that boss during campaign.
  • The Bosses start at difficulty level 1 and go up to level 19. Once a boss becomes harder, you will never need to fight that boss at that difficulty level again. You are able to defeat a boss multiple times with different distinct teammates before the boss becomes harder. Each win makes progress towards upgrading your Gold Mine.
  • Alicia now has 19 levels instead of 15, to match the other bosses.
  • Gold payouts for each win against boss have been removed – instead you collect Gold from your Gold Mine itself.
  • While there are three Mining Moons, only one will be available when v2.40 is realised. They will become available later.

Developer Comment The BossBlitz feature was designed to be an activity for new players to collaboratively engage with their teammates so they become friends and form a community in their team. While new players find the feature fun for the first 2-3 weeks, eventually it became an annoying chore to defeat Alicia/Kyrie levels 1-15 every week. The intention of this change is to make sure there’s still a lot of fun Boss battles for new players to collaborate with their team, but to avoid forcing players to keep doing the same boring 15x levels of battles of the same 2x bosses every week. Completing these battles should give players a persistent economic engine as they complete more of it without forcing them to keep doing the same battles forever. Our intention is that once all the levels of Bosses are defeated, the output of tapping on the Gold Mines on a given week will be greater than it used to be doing the chore of defeating the 15x levels of weekly boss blitz.

  • The “Gold” currency has been inflated by 100x. Any holdings you had for Gold should be multiplied by 100 when you upgrade to v2.40. Things which cost gold have been multiplied by 100. Other major sources of gold have been multiplied by 100 accordingly as well – but the major source of Gold will be your new Gold Mines.

Developer Comment We’ve inflated this currency so that when get a new Gold Mine you can collect from it as frequently as you like. With the old system, very low level mines would only allow a collect once every couple of hours to generate 1 unit of Gold.

  • Quests telling you to “Defeat BossBlitz 2 times” have been removed and replaced with quests telling you to collect Gold from your Gold Mines.

Developer Comment One of the more frustrating problems with the old BossBlitz feature was that the quest system would ask you to defeat bosses when you might not have any available to defeat until next week. We’ve replaced these quests with quests asking you to instead just tap on your Gold Mines to get some Gold. The amounts of Gold required to fulfill the quests scale with your rank. Immediately after upgrade, some high rank players might receive quests which ask for very large amounts of Gold collected – after engaging with the feature and upgrading mines to where we would expect for your rank these quests should no longer feel very onerous.


  • The “Ares Station” planet has been renamed to just “Ares.”
  • Campaign tickets have been removed from the HUD in adventure/campaign modes.

Developer comment Campaign has cost “0 tickets” for a while. We finally made it official and removed tickets from the game completely.

Social Feature: Alliance Members Activity List

  • We have added a view in the Alliance section to see the activity levels of all of your teammates.
  • This view includes a label of their activity level along with more specific statistics tracking their contributions to the alliance in the last week.
  • Anyone who has joined the alliance less than 7 days ago is listed as “New” instead of showing their newly formed activity metrics.

Progression Feature: First Win of the Day

  • “First Win of the Day” has been augmented to be more clear.
  • There will now be a badge on the “Multiplayer” button so you know when this bonus is available.
  • Upon achieving First Win of the Day, there is a popup describing specifics of what you received.

Events: Commander Cards included in Event Card Set.

  • There has always been limited the set of cards allowed during an event. Starting in v2.40, they will also limit which commanders can be used during the event.
  • Calculations of collection power, ELO seeding and reward multiplier have been tweaked to take into account the level of the commanders which are included in the event.

Developer Comment The goal of our event system is to force players out of their comfort zone and engage with cards and commanders which they normally don’t use. We found that many players were always using the same commander every event. This change should result in more diversity of play during events so everyone doesn’t always veer towards the same commander every time.

Other Event Updates

  • Fixed visual defects around how units transform during Reforge event.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to rebuild a lost Power Plant during the Boom Event.
  • Updated the functionality of the countdown timer to the next ticket when you purchase more tickets.

Developer Comment Previously, many players would wait to buy a ticket refresh until the countdown timer got to the most optimal moment. This should no longer be necessary. e.g., Let’s say your tickets are at 0/4, with a new ticket in 4 minutes, and if you buy new tickets and then use one. Previously, the wait time would jump to 90 minutes for the next ticket to regenerate. After this change, your wait time in this scenario will remain only at 4 minutes.

New Team Competition: Allied Raids

Introducing a new social feature: Allied Raids!

  • On some days, your Alliance Quest will pair your team up for an Alliance vs Alliance battle called Allied Raids!
  • Work together with your team to design two great “Defense Decks.” Every member of the Alliance selects a card to contribute to the decks. Officers of the Alliance design two 20 card “Defense Decks” using these cards contributed by the entire Alliance.
  • Fight a 2v2 match against opposing team’s Defense Decks to earn Allied Raid Medals. Earn more medals for destroying more of the enemy base. Each team member gets to start one attack. You can join and help as many teammates’ battles as you’d like. The team with the most Allied Raid Medals will win COINS and rank up on the Alliance leaderboard.
  • Defense Decks are piloted by bots.

Card Balance Changes

  • Blademaster: Health +10%
  • Riot Cannon: Damage +10%
  • K9: Now only leaps once (first target). Now only leaps to units that are long range or longer. Has +30% health. Has been scaled up visually to reflect the higher health.
  • Herald: Damage -35%
  • Suit Up: Max Health Bonus 50% → 33%; Armor Bonus -33%
  • Reaper: Health -16%, Damage -19%
  • Enlist!: 2 → 3 Energy Cost
  • Madness: 5 → 6 Energy Cost
  • Hive Worm: Health +25%
  • Lightbringer: Damage +25%
  • Specter: Damage +11%
  • Goo Dog: Grandkids now have -30% of previous HP so that same level Alchemists will one-shot them.
  • Avasa’s mech is no longer targeted as a building (e.g., by Riot Cannon).

Other Battle & Card Changes

  • Changed Tactic cards to have a card view in upgrade lab.
  • Fix scaling issues in squad builder for multiple cards.
  • If both allied players play the 3rd Power Plant in 2v2 at the same moment, one player will reliably get an energy refund.
  • Many of the tactics now have trails which linger after they make impact (e.g., Seeker Missiles were often difficult to detect because they disappeared so quickly.)
  • Tech is now visualized as 1-2-3 gears instead of 0-1-2 gears on cards.
  • Cartillery’s shooting animation has been updated.
  • Improve VFX of Deadeye when he’s charged.
  • Improved death animation of the Reaper so it’s more clear he’s dying immediately.
  • Corrosive Rain has received a color change to differentiate from madness.
  • Many tactics have had their visuals updated to make them more readable.
  • Added a different animation for Lancers when the target is very close so it doesn’t look like they’re “stabbing through” the target.
  • Fixed an issue with madness causing mimic-ed units to never become un-mad.
  • Fixed an issue madness didn’t apply to a mech pilot while it is assembling.
  • Fixed an issue with enlisting Mech Pilot while assembling.
  • Fixed an issue where warping units too close to your base building object made them untargetable.
  • Fixed an issue with Avasa’s Mech playing her appear sound twice.

Other Changes

  • Team leaderboard now shows “Rating” instead of “Medals.”
  • The button on the HUD now says “Loading” instead of “Redirecting to Forums” because it often is loading content which is distinct from the forums.
  • Players can now toggle whether they want the mature language filter.

Developer Comment The intention is that players who want to see swear words are allowed to do it. We hope this results in fewer of them attempting to mangle their words to get around the filter.

  • New app icon.
  • Gauntlet mode has been updated to reward fewer rubies/coins.

Developer Comment Gauntlet was intended to be a fun mode to explore the strategy of deckbuilding and experimenting with cards you don’t yet own. It was not intended to be a major part of the game economy requiring all players who want to be strong to engage in the chore of “grinding it for resources” as fast as they can. The payouts have been reduced to reflect this and stop the behavior of doing this. We hope that players who intrinsically enjoy playing Gauntlet will continue to do it because they like it, and other players who don’t enjoy it don’t feel the necessity to play this mode as much as possible to keep up with the competition.

  • Fixed a bunch of small issues with the HUD showing different currencies than intended.
  • Improved the readability of automated chat messages.

Transient issues in v2.40 which we’ve since fixed:

  • From 4-4:30pm PST, the Event War and Allied Raid were behaving incorreclty.
  • Some players are seeing too many discounts in the Daily Deals store. This should fix itself tomorrow when the Daily Deals store rolls over.
  • Teammate activity readout isn’t showing proper labels. We expect this to fix itself as players login over the course of the next seven days.
  • Daily Alliance Quest is throwing errors where it says no progress for the day and already contributed. We believe this issue should go away once tomorrow’s quest rolls over. Please contact us for assistance if you missed out on rewards.
  • Mining Moons required too many repeated battles with low level bosses. More details in how we changed this here: Live Update 288 -- Gold Mines now require fewer boss battles to upgrade!

Known bugs in v2.40:

  • Nuke Truck has issues targeting some of the bosses.
  • Some players are having connection issues when battle is starting.
  • Victory screen against Alicia has some visual defects on iPhoneX resolution
  • Problem where way more battles start with no Tech-1 units in the opening hand.