Version 2.32 Release Notes

Version 2.32 Release Notes

Prepare yourselves for our latest update Commanders! Wild Beyonds v2.32 update is on the way with some much needed balance changes and a multitude of bug fixes for Alliance Quests.

Unit and Tactics Balance Changes

  • Mech Pilots are now a tech tier 2 card

    Developer Comment Mech Pilots proved overwhelming when two copies were drawn in the opening hand. We’ve moved Pilots to tech tier 2 to better match the power curve.

  • Arcane Blast now has a bigger critical hit area and costs 2 energy.

    Developer Comment At 1 cost, Arcane Blast could easily shut down most rush strategies – you didn’t have to keep any energy in reserve to kill early swarms like Raiders before they split at the ravine, and taking out Reinforcements was way too cost-efficient. We’ve raised the cost to 2 to make blasting a more strategic choice, and increased the critical hit area to make the tactic easier to target.

  • Hellion’s Firebombs cards created upon play now cost 1 energy instead of 2

    Developer Comment We saw that Hellion’s Firebombs were too cumbersome at two energy each. When you play Hellion, you probably have a mob you want to take care of right away – we’re making that easier by bringing the Firebomb cost down to 1.

Bug Fixes

  • Alliances Applications

    • Fixed an issue where players could get around minimum rank requirements through the Alliance profile menu
    • Added an apply button to Alliance profile when the Alliance is full.
    • Previously when the game would recommend new Alliances for players to join, it would show bad choices (often showing low-activity alliances.) The Alliance Recommender should now always show a player recommendations to join alliances which are higher activity than the one she is currently sitting in.
  • Alliance Quests

    • Fixed a bug where players who do not have events unlocked would not be able to contribute to Alliance quest goals
    • Fixed a bug where players contributions would not count if they did first not collect previous day prizes
    • Fixed a bug where players who didn’t collect personal prize would also not be able to collect team reward the next day.


  • Improvements to matchmaking for players with high level decks will be slowly released over the coming week.

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The matchmaking change mentioned above has been rolled out since last Friday.

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