Version 2.30 Release Notes

Version 2.30 Highlights

Prepare for battle, Commanders! Wild Beyond’s Season 2: Phoenix Forge is on the way with a new collection of units, portraits, and rewards to earn! Surprise your opponents with units that multiply, transform, and rise from the ashes to turn the tide of battle. Forge an army to defeat your foes under the banner of…of…a taco?

Update 2.30 also contains big social and gameplay changes including improved 2v2 Matchmaking, support for finding the right Alliance, and the ability to obtain additional card copies directly in the Upgrade Lab. Read on to find out more!

:hammer_and_wrench: SEASON 2: PHOENIX FORGE UNITS


:handshake: 2v2 MATCHMAKING UPDATE


:video_game: OTHER CHANGES

:chess_pawn: UNIT CHANGES


:hammer_and_wrench: SEASON 2: PHOENIX FORGE UNITS

Participate in exciting events to earn Phoenix Forge Season Tokens, and spend those tokens to Earn Exclusive New Units! Each faction will feature three new collectible units throughout Season 2.

Ascension Lightbringer (Rare)

Ascension Madness (Epic)

  • 5 :energy: Tactic that temporarily forces enemy units in the area to attack each other. Great for controlling the battlefield and dealing with large groups of powerful enemies

    The oldest data-caches of the Ascension contain forbidden and dangerous programs.

Ascension Specter (Legendary)

  • 4 :energy: The Specter will retreat and reform when destroyed on the battlefield. To permanently get rid of it, you have to destroy its spirit form as well!

    Some machines don’t stay dead.

Legion Suit Up! (Rare)

  • 1 :energy: Grant a permanent boost to Armor and Health for any allied units in the area. Great for large groups, or for big expensive units that you want to keep alive!

    The Legion protects its own.

Legion Infantry Carrier (Epic)

  • The Infantry Carrier might seem pricey at 6 :energy: and requiring Tech 2, but will produce a Rocket Trooper, a Longshot and a squad of Grunts if it stays alive through its 6 second deployment cycle.

    High speed, low drag.

Legion Mech Pilots (Legendary)

  • Get two Mech Pilots for 1 :energy:. Once three Mech Pilots are on the battlefield together, they assemble the fearsome G.O.L.E.M. Pro tip: 2 Mech Pilot cards and one “Enlist!” can create three mechs!

    Everyone’s tough until the mech comes out.

Rogue Typhoon (Rare)

Rogue Goo Dog (Epic)

  • 2 :energy: This persistent little critter splits into two smaller Goo Dogs when it is destroyed and then once more for each of those! That means it would take a Cartillery 7 shots to fully get rid of it!

    “Who’s a goo boy? Yes you are!” – Roxie

Rogue Hive Worm (Legendary)

  • 3 :energy: Being a Tactic, the Hive Worm can be used to deploy Pixies anywhere on the battlefield. Use the knockback to maneuver the opponent’s units to your advantage!

    Not even the Rogue fully understand this construct.


Epic and Legendary Season 2 Unit availability

  • Epic units will become available after two weeks. You will need the Epic Key of the appropriate faction (found in the Rare rewards) to access the Epic

  • Legendary units will become available after four weeks. You will need the Legendary Key of the appropriate faction (found in the Epic rewards) to access the Legendary

  • Note you need ONLY the legendary key of the appropriate faction to unlock that faction’s legendary, not all 3 faction keys.

    Developer Comment We received some feedback that it was frustrating to have to obtain all 3 legendary keys to unlock any of the legendary branches, so we switched the requirements so that each legendary branch only requires that faction’s key. Enjoy!

Season 1 Unit availability

  • The Time Warp has closed and the supply line for additional Time Warp units has been cut. Scientists from all factions are attempting to replicate the future technology, but in the meantime, you may continue to enjoy your existing units that are already in this world.

    Developer Comment The season 1 units will become available at some point but we do not have a definitive date yet.

New Rewards Available

Besides the new units, we also are introducing some new rewards for this Season

  • Nine shiny new player portraits are available, show off to your friends and terrify your enemies!

portrait_season2_B_Legendary%402x~ipad portrait_season2_B_Rare%402x~ipad portrait_season2_R_Legendary%402x~ipad

  • Elite days! Experience the power of elite, or add extra days on to your existing Elite account.

What lies ahead…

  • A thunderous sound of hammer on anvil can be heard in the distance… what will appear when the molten iron is REFORGED???

    Developer Comment Stay tuned for more details to come in Live Update notes

:handshake: 2v2 MATCHMAKING UPDATE

  • One of the top player complaints recently has been the extremely lopsided matches found during 2v2.

  • This release includes an update which should drastically improve the incidence of lopsided matches found when playing 2v2.

    Developer Comment Previously, in v2.02 and v2.13 we released a new technique to the 1v1 and event matchmaking queues which resulted in way fewer lopsided battles. We’ve taken this technique and applied it to the 2v2 matchmaking queue. While there is much more to be done, we hope that this will improve the number of incidents of extremely lopsided battles found in the game. We will continue to iterate to improve the fairness of matches found in Wild Beyond in the future but are hopeful that this incremental improvement will help the immediate problems most people are complaining about.


New Alliance Donations chat channel

  • We have created a new “chat channel” called Donations. The ability to request cards and donate them has been moved to this new chat channel.

  • Everything should work the same as before, except that every player is automatically a member of two chat channels associated with their alliance instead of one.

  • The Donation chat channel contains only donation requests, while Alliance chat will be used for everything else (chatting, posting replays, joining battles, etc.)

    Developer Comment While we love that players are zealously donating cards to each other, we’ve found that the wall of donation requests was making it difficult players to have conversations with all the clutter.

Alliance Chat Improvements

  • You can now send a number of messages quickly in Alliance Chat without being asked to slow down.

  • If it is enabled in your iOS settings, keyboard used in chat now supports autocorrect.

  • If there is a battle invite that you can join sitting in Alliance Chat, there will now be a loud yellow badge will appear on your chat HUD so you’re aware of it.

    Developer Comment We implemented chat rate limiting to make sure bad actors don’t “spam” the chat channels. We’ve found that while this is sometimes a problem on global chat, it is very rarely a problem in Alliance Chat. The rate limiting feature was getting in the way of Alliance members having conversations with each other. In the cases where a bad actor is spamming Alliance Chat, we believe Alliance Officers have the necessary tools to remove this person from their alliance.

Players can now apply to join full Alliances

  • We’ve changed it so that players can now apply to Alliances which are full of 60 players, regardless of whether they are public or private alliances.

  • In this case, the leadership of the alliance will receive an application and decide if they want to remove a member to make room for you.

    Developer Comment There have been many active players who want to move up to more active alliances but don’t even have the ability to apply! This change should give them a chance to move up and let the leadership decide if they want to swap someone in.

Alliance leadership can now set minimum requirements to apply & join

  • We’ve added a feature where leadership of an Alliance can set up a minimum rank to apply or join. This will apply to both public and private alliances.

  • Once this is set, only players of sufficient rank will have the ability to send an application.

    Developer Comment Now that players can apply to full alliances, we would expect that top alliances would receive a huge influx of applications compared to before. This feature gives these alliances the ability to say “Please be at least rank to apply to this Alliance!”

New Calculation of Alliance Activeness Rating

  • Alliances in Wild Beyond have always had an “Activeness” rating associated with them, but the calculation is getting a big revamp in v2.30.

  • We believe that this number should now be much more useful and discerning when trying to find an active Alliance to join.

  • The new calculation gives heavy weight to the following activities: Alliance members playing together (2v2, BossBlitz and campaign), completing the daily alliance quests, sending each other donation, chatting with your alliance.

    Developer Comment Previously this calculation more heavily weighted activeness based on how often someone opened the app and played single-player battles. This meant that players could join an alliance which was labeled “Very Active” and not be able to find anyone who will help play together. We definitely don’t want to take away the ability to play the game solo, but we want this Activeness readout to reflect how likely people in a given Alliance are to interact with you if you join.

Alliance Quest updates

  • If players are in a team that does not hit the low bar of 20 participants in the Alliance Quest per day, they are given the ability to search for more active alliances.

    Developer Comment We’ve found that in the past there have been many active players sitting in low activity alliances. There previously was no way to look for a better alliance without first taking the leap of leaving your current Alliance. We hope that this functionality allows players in this situation to have the option to apply to an alliance with a better activity rating.

:video_game: OTHER CHANGES

Gold Currency and Upgrade Lab

  • The “Alliance Token” currency is getting a rebranding! From now on it will be known as “Gold.”
  • Gold will continue to be mainly used to buy card copies in the Daily Deal store, but there is now also a way to purchase card copies directly in the Upgrade Lab.
  • The Upgrade Lab has been updated to highlight any card which you can afford to use Gold to buy sufficient card copies to level up.
  • It will remain more efficient to wait for cards to appear in the Daily Deals store, but players who are sitting surplus Gold currency can use it to get the card copies they want today.

Boss Blitz Updates

  • Boss Blitz will no longer require any tickets to play, but instead will require two players of the same Alliance with minimum Deck Power requirements to defeat it.

  • Quests involving Boss Blitz have been modified to remove any mention counting how many cards you played.

  • Similar to Alliance Quests, Boss Blitz will now give you the option to look for a more active Alliance if you’re struggling to get anyone to play with you.

  • Boss Blitz reward payouts have been increased!

    Developer Comment By removing quests like “Play 20 Rogue Cards in Boss Blitz” we hope that we have removed any reason to tell teammates not to join you. Grab a friend and defeat Kyrie as quick as you can!

A surprise…

  • Keep a lookout for something special in your pvp chests this weekend (6/27-6/30)

:chess_pawn: UNIT CHANGES

  • Giga’s knockback has been updated to happen from the impact location instead of straight backward.

  • Added sound effects when you play the Eternal Warrior.

  • Armored Airship now correctly shows armored VFX indicator.

  • Fixed issue around cards like Enlist not correctly updating the count of cards in your opponent’s hand.

  • Roxie now increases card draw speed instead of unit movement speed.

    Developer Comment We’re looking to move Roxie’s identity more towards Tech 2 “Storm” decks, that benefit from playing lots of cards in a short period of time. This also helps Roxie decks use the Energy created by her Generators.

  • Fixed issue with Rogue Raiders showing the wrong level sometimes.

  • Zoombox now also speeds up the reload time of the Rocket Trooper.


Unit Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug around the display of a player’s commander/barricade/base level.
  • Similar to the Longshot, the Seraph / Cartillery cards now have a “!!!” reaction when they switch to melee fighting.
  • We’ve revamped the code which powers “pushes and leaps” such as Kuro’s Hallucination push or K9’s jump attack. This should improve corner cases which caused them to have broken behaviors.
  • Fixed a bug where one of Hellion’s Firebomb cards go into the tech-disabled section of the hand.
  • Fixed some of the underlying causes of Seeker Missiles not working properly during certain campaign missions.
  • Fixed some of the visual defects found when battling Kyrie’s Cultists in Boss Blitz.
  • Fixed an issue where Kuro’s commander emblem disappears when he is casting spells.

Bug Fixes

  • Augmented our app to make it gracefully handle corrupted data coming from one of our chat data center providers. This should avoid any future occurrence of the app crashing and performance problems found during the week of April 29-30.
  • Fixed some of the top sources of the app crashing out to the device home screen.
  • Desert map has lost some palm trees so it’s easier to see Power Plants.
  • Event arena spectator stands have been recolored to keep the focus on the action.
  • League leaderboards now shows player portraits.
  • Fixed issue with Alliance Quests showing the incorrect amount sometimes. There are more bugs to be fixed here, but we fixed the ones we could before this release. We will continue to work on this area.
  • Fixed issue with Alliance Quest showing player portrait frames facing backward.
  • Fixed a crash if you scrolled very fast through the Player Level rewards list.
  • Fixed a bug which made both players lose in the Battle Concert event.
  • Fixed issues with Alliance Quests jumping to the next day’s state.
  • Fixed layout of Boss Blitz special rules on iPhoneX.
  • Fixed a bug with broken UI layout when an Alliance has many officers.
  • Fixed a bug which unblocked players sending messages through DMs.

:val_drink: KNOWN ISSUES

If you would like to assist us with more details on problems you’re experiencing, please drop us a ticket through our support portal here.

  • The sale on the Rogue Season 1 Rare Unit (Typhoon) Rewards is working and charging the discounted price correctly, but some users are unable to claim the prize if they do not have enough tokens for the full price. (e.g., if the full price was 500 and the sale price is 375, you would need to have at least 500 tokens to claim, but you will only be charged 375) We are working on fixing this issue.

  • There is an ongoing issue at our datacenter (independent of the 2.30 version) that is causing some issues with 2v2 matchmaking. We are working on the issue and will update when it is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Val’s factory sound effects are too loud. We are working on fixing this issue.

  • There are still issues around the collection of the Alliance Quest team reward. We’re currently verifying and crediting this on a case-by-case basis, so please submit a request so that we can verify and credit any missing rewards.

  • The animation for unlocking the Epic Faction Keys leads you to believe that you can now access the rewards tier. The Epic tiers will be available on July 11th.

  • We’ve received reports of some matchmaking problems and are investigating.

  • Tactics are failing to damage power plants

  • Problems around calculation of Alliance activity levels

  • Some Common Chests are missing their Coins component. We are working on fixing this issue.

  • Some units are missing from the donatable units list, and some Season 1 units are improperly shown

  • Network Connection problem on-startup issue. This is actually related to Alliance activity levels.

  • Cannot Apply to full Alliances

  • Faction ranks appear to duplicate over to other factions the player is using. This is a visual bug only and fixes itself after relaunching the game, but is still confusing, and we’re working on fixing this.