Version 2.21 Release Notes

Version 2.21 Release Notes

We’re following up last week’s release with another small release with an update to our social features and other minor fixes.

Major Update to Alliance Challenge Quests

Alliance Quests are getting a big revamp in our v2.21 update!


  • Lots of players have been clamoring for more sources of Season Tokens. Alliance Quests now will switch to paying out Time Warp Season Tokens!
  • Previously, multiple Alliance Quests ran simultaneously over a long time period and it was very unclear which teammates were contributing. This system has been updated such that there is a single Alliance Quest per day which clearly tracks who is contributing and who is not. Alliances get better payouts if they are collectively more organized and more active on a daily basis.
  • Your team grows their piggy bank by having more active players.
  • For players who need Alliance Tokens, we’ll move some of the generation of these tokens to the quest menu.
  • In short, the more players in your Alliance who engage in teamwork every day, the better the payout!

Chat update

  • Previously there were two slightly different “alliance chat” panels in the game: The one embedded in the “Alliance” panel and the one found from the chat HUD element. We have condensed it down to one view of chat and have moved all the functionality into that single place.
  • Chat messages can now be up to 130 characters instead of a prior maximum of 60 characters.


  • We’ve heard the feedback! Playing a campaign mission now costs 0 tickets! Play as much campaign as you like!
  • Related: None of the campaign missions reward tickets anymore.

Unit and Tactics Balance Changes

  • Shadowblade’s “reveal attack” now only targets units with long range.

Coin Adjustment

  • We are increasing the percentage of daily earned coins that come from the ‘first win of the day’ bonus
  • This means we are increasing the coins in the first win of the day bonus, and decreasing some coin payouts from the regular pvp chest
  • We are also reducing the diamond refresh cost for the regular pvp chests to reflect their new valuation
    • Developer’s note: We want to make it easier for people short on time to feel like they can come in and have a very good session every day, even if they don’t have time to play a ton of games. We also liked that this change allows people that want to play tons of games a cheaper cost to refresh their PvP chests.
    • You can still earn more by playing more each day, but it’s easier to ‘keep up’ if you don’t have as much time to play daily.
    • The net effect of this change should be coin neutral compared to the pre-”first win of the day” world for people that played through 5 sets of chests every day, and coin positive for people that played fewer games.
      • For example, using fake numbers, let’s say Player A in Silver used to get 1000 coins from playing 1 set of chests and Player B in Silver used to get 5000 coins from playing 5 sets of chests. In this new set-up, Player A will get 1800 coins (800 from chests, and 1000 from first win of the day), and Player B will still get 5000 (4000 from chests and 1000 from first win of the day).

Bug Fixes & Additional Changes

  • Fixed some issues around chest opening lag and 2v2 desyncs but still actively working on more improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a players own commander would appear with its level too low.
  • Fixed a bug around showing the wrong rank after the monthly reset.
  • Fixed a bug with Giga’s animation in the post-battle.
  • Fixed an issue where using “Enlist!” tactic on Raiders would give 3x cards instead of 1x.
  • Fixed missing badging when you finish traveling between campaign planets.
  • Fixed the text in the rank screens to explain how they interact with XP.
  • Fixed post-battle screen to allow tapping through it more quickly.
  • Fixed post-battle screen to better explain XP rewards.
  • Fixed description of Elite accounts to better explain XP rewards.
  • Fixed overlapping elements in the level rewards panel.
  • Fixed Boss Blitz leaderboard getting stuck if you’re the first person to do it.
  • Fixed some broken animations in the squad-builder screen.
  • Fixed some visual defects with the Ascension Turret stuttering it’s heading when targets get too close.
  • Fixed broken badging failing to lead you to check out new applications to your alliance.
  • Fixed the source of some crashes.
  • Stomped out one source of the bugs around chat messages disappearing.
  • Weekly quests around Time Warp season now award Alliance Tokens.
  • Improved the performance of many of our VFX used in battle when units attack each other.
  • Very long chat messages without any spaces now properly line break and wrap.