Version 2.20 Release Notes

Version 2.20 Highlights

Greetings, Commanders! Version 2.20 is bringing PvP-Based Player Progression to guide players along the quest to become the greatest Commanders in the galaxy! Additionally, unit balance changes and important bug fixes line out the rest of the update. Read on to find out more!




:beetle: BUG FIXES


The story of Wild Beyond centers around our Commanders traveling throughout the galaxy, winning battles, and recruiting allies to join their cause along the way. With each victory comes experience, resources, and sometimes new units. In the past, new players struggled to understand the best way to grow their collection’s size and strength, and would sometimes give up along the way, making for fewer up-and-coming challengers for everyone to play against. We wanted this idea that PvP is the path to growing your collection to be clear to help guide players to competitive levels, and so we’re introducing PvP-based Player Progression with update 2.20!

  • Earn XP (experience) to unlock game modes, commanders, units, and resources to level up your units!
    • XP is earned from winning Multiplayer PvP battles, completing quests, and upgrading your units
    • Daily bonus from your first win grants a large amount of bonus XP
    • Earn XP based on your PvP rank for PvP wins each day
    • Higher PvP Rank grants higher amounts of XP per win, and Ranks Silver and above also earn Coins!
    • Elite status also doubles the amount of XP earned from PvP wins and the daily bonus
  • Maximum player level increased from 28 to 75 to make room for the new level up progression rewards
    • Player levels will be adjusted to reflect their progress in the game. For example, if you finished 75% of levels in the old system, you should be roughly at 75% of all levels in the new system
    • Units you have unlocked in the old system will still be unlocked in the new system
    • You will automatically receive 1 copy of each unit in the level rewards in your collection for your unlocked progress in the new system
    • Players who already unlocked additional Commanders with Alliance Tokens will receive Alliance Tokens instead when claiming the Commander from the new system


Event Packs

  • $50 Event Quality Pack
    Old: 4,000 Diamonds, 13,175 Coins, 2 Colossal Event Chests
    New: 8,000 Diamonds, 13,175 Coins, 1 Colossal Event Chest
  • $100 Event Luxury Pack
    Old: 8,000 Diamonds, 25,500 Coins, 5 Colossal Event Chests
    New: 12,000 Diamonds, 25,500 Coins, 4 Colossal Event Chests

Developer Comment We’ve shifted the contents of the packs by converting one Colossal Chest into 4,000 Diamonds so that you can choose to use the Diamonds in the Event for ticket refreshes, or for buying chests directly.

Reward Boosts

  • Reward Boost will automatically turn off when no more prizes are available to be earned

  • The option to toggle Reward Boosts on or off has been added.

    Developer Comment This was a feature that we weren’t able to squeeze into the last update. We heard examples of players who didn’t want to use remaining Reward Boosts because there wasn’t enough time remaining in an event to make the most of them. This change should give you more agency in when you want to use these to gain some extra personal prizing in events.

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Time Warp portals have brought some new developments from the future! Tactics with non-damaging effects have been tuned so that they can now:

  • Affect buildings that are not Barricade, or the Base.

    :roxie_gum: Note: Power Plants are buildings, but their energy generation is global and cannot be modified by Tactics. Roxie’s Generators are considered “Power Plants” in tis regard in that Freezing one while it’s on the field doesn’t impact its energy generation. You’ll need to destroy it outright.

  • Speed up, slow down, or fully interrupt charged and channeled abilities

Some examples of charged and channeled abilities include:

Ascension%20Nano%20Shield%202 Nano Shield (Giga Commander Ability)

  • Immunity and healing effect now works on buildings
  • Duration increased from 4s to 5s

Ascension%20Lancers%202 Lancers

  • Health -5%

Ascension%20Ice%20Acolyte%202 Ice Acolyte

  • Health +25%
  • Slow effect now slows down the rate of charged and channeled abilities
  • Slow effect now slows the attacks and effects of buildings

Ascension%20Freeze%202 Freeze

  • Freeze effect now pauses or interrupts charged and channeled abilities
  • Freeze effect now works on buildings

Ascension%20Mimic%202 Mimic

  • Energy cost reduced from 4 :energy: to 3 :energy:

Ascension%20Corrosive%20Rain%202 Corrosive Rain

  • Energy Cost increased from 3 :energy: to 4 :energy:
  • Tech level requirement reduced from 2 to 1
  • Base damage per tick reduced from 62 to 41
  • Duration increased from 10s to 15s

Ascension%20Sentinel%202 Sentinel

  • Number of attacks absorbed increased by 3 at all levels

Rogue%20Zoom%20Box%202 Zoom Box

  • Haste effect now speeds up charged and channeled abilities
  • Haste effect now speeds up buildings and Commanders
  • Does not affect the Energy generation rate of Power Plants or Roxie’s Generators

Rogue%20Bruisers%202 Raiders

  • Health +20%

Rogue%20Big%20Tank%202 Big Tank

  • Movement speed increased from Slow to Medium

Rogue%20Jackrabbit%202 Jackrabbit

  • Health +30%

Rogue%20Pancake%202 Pancake

  • Armor +50%
  • Damage +20%

Rogue%20Hellion%202 Hellion

  • Health +70%

Rogue%20Riot%20Cannon%202 Riot Cannon

  • Damage +10%

Rogue%20Nuke%20Truck%202 Nuke Truck

  • Explosion damage -35%

    Developer Comment With the introduction of Warp, we’ve been seeing the Warp of two friendly Nuke Trucks in 2v2 as an instant base-killer strategy a bit too frequently. This change aims to prevent this alone from winning the game, while still maintaining the deadliness of a Nuke Truck when driven into a large ball of hostile units.

Rogue%20Grrrilla%202 Grrrilla

  • Health +10%

Legion%20Rally%20Point%202 Rally Point

  • Damage aura now applies to buildings

Legion%20Reaper%202 Reaper

  • Depth of damage area increased by +150%

    Developer Comment This adjustment is in order for the Reaper’s attacks to damage swarm units coming towards it more reliably, as well as damaging units that step in front of a barricade that it is targeting.

Legion%20Confronter%20Tank%202 Confronter Tank

  • Health -10%

Legion%20Ranger%202 Ranger

  • Health +65%

Legion%20Fortress%20Mech%202 Fortress Mech

  • Knockback distance +50%
  • Health -20%
  • Energy cost reduced from 4 :energy: to 3 :energy:

Legion%20Medic%20Drone%202 Medic Drone

  • Can now attack if there are no injured friendly units on the battlefield. Victims have described this experience as “awkward” and “like being tickled”.
  • No longer flies backwards to the base if there is nothing to heal.
  • If there are injured friendly units nearby it will heal them. Amazing.
  • Area in which it looks for damaged friendly units increased by +50%

Legion%20Raildog%202 Rail Dog

  • Base Damage +50%

    Developer Comment Raildogs were failing to kill certain armored units that were the same level as itself despite dealing percentage-based damage to units. This damage increase means that base damage always overcomes armor (unless it’s a Fortress Mech with shields down). Equally leveled targets will fall to a Raildog in 4 hits, but can require 5 hits if its a level lower.

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:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • The “Gorillas Toes” campaign mission has been updated to fix bugs making it inappropriately difficult


  • Fixed a bug where Avasa’s calldown mech attacks would fail to deal damage to buildings, barricades, and the base if it was not the primary target of the attack.
  • Fixed a bug where Val’s flamethrower attacks were (visually) setting units behind the barricade on fire.
  • Fixed a bug where Kuro’s Illusion knockback could cause units with Leap (K9 & Shadowblade) to be teleported to the wrong side of the map.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the Pain Cloud’s explosion/fire effect would not appear when it was destroyed and crashed into the ground


  • “Happiness” portrait requirements changed to “Play 100 2v2 Multiplayer battles”


  • Fixed a bug with some quests that failed to register the requirement of playing seasonal units like the Hellion and Riot Cannon.

User Interface

  • Attempting to invite a player to 2v2 PvP via chat invite when they are more than 800 medals away from your medal count will now display the message “Your rank is too far apart to play 2v2 together. Try again later!” instead of no indication of why the invitation did not work.

  • Fixed a bug with the matchmaking screen where the arrows for cycling gameplay tips were not functioning properly

  • Fixed the Leaderboard button so it doesn’t show a leaderboard with just yourself in it

  • Seasons units should no longer appear as options to request as donations

    Developer Comment Seasons unit unlocks are set at very specific amounts to allow upgrading to the next level. Some players were accidentally donating copies of Seasons units they needed to level up, which was unintended and could throw the path to upgrade off the track. This prevents that possibility.


  • Fixed various cases of missing audio

Performance and Crashes

  • Fixed multiple common crashes
  • Performance improvements for “Finding Opponent” and versus loading screen

Known Issues

  • Opening chests from quests and multiplayer bonus rewards can cause you to get stuck on the chest-opening screen. We have found this is due to delays in the item creation actions on the server, but these actions are only delayed and not failing. Chest contents are not lost, they are still added to your game on the server side. Sorry for the confusion! We’re working on a fix ASAP.
  • The post-battle screen’s “Okay” button takes too long to appear. We intend for it to appear on-tap and will fix this in the next update.

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