Version 2.13 Release Notes

Version 2.13 Highlights

Greetings, Commanders! Update v2.13 follows our recent adjustments to Event matchmaking with even more improvements to Events. There’s a little bit of everything here to help with progression, earning rewards, and keeping things interesting in the SPACE ARENA 3000. Read on to find out more!


Events are a very important part of Wild Beyond, and not just because battling with different units and mechanics is fun! Competing in Events are the key to growing your unit collection and earning rewards to get more powerful all-around. These changes to leaderboards come with a few goals in mind: reward players with meaningful prizes towards progression, make any additional effort to push for a higher rank always worth it, and create matches against opponents that feel competitive.

  • A Rewards Multiplier has been added, which gives more Event Rank Prizes the higher your Event Collection Power is.

    • The “Event Collection” is all the cards allowed for use in that particular Event.
    • Event Collection Power level is largely based on the levels of the units in your Event Collection.
    • Your Rewards Multiplier can go up during an event if you upgrade units, but it cannot go down
  • Event Leaderboard creation has been changed to group players by similar Total Collection Power.

    • Total Collection Power is based on the levels of all the units in your entire collection.
  • The size of your Event Leaderboard is also based on your Total Collection Power. Higher power generally means smaller leaderboards and higher rewards.

    • Leaderboards will be in groups of 50, 75, 100, and 200 players in order of high to low Event Collection power.

    Developer Comment It is worth noting that some players might end up with very different event leaderboard rankings than they have grown accustomed to in previous events, especially if they get placed in a higher or lower power tier of leaderboards. However, with individual leaderboards generally smaller than in the past, rewards may be slightly higher as there are fewer total people to compete against to achieve a high rank. Alternatively, if you get placed in a higher leaderboard but rank lower, the rewards scaled to your Event Collection power level may even out your rewards. Leveling up your units will be the key to better rewards.

  • Event Ranking Rewards have been smoothed out to better-reward your efforts in an event.

    Developer Comment Previously, there were big “steps” between event rank reward brackets when dropping from Rank 1 to Rank 2, Rank 3-5 to Rank 5-10, etc. We’ve flattened out those steps so that each set of rewards is proportional to its rank position. There’s always more incentive to push a little more for a higher rank.


Becoming the greatest commander the galaxy has ever seen requires knowing yourself, knowing the enemy, and knowing what future you knows, but current you doesn’t yet. Time travel is complicated! Fortunately, upcoming events will give you the opportunity to battle with units you may not own yet to learn their strengths, weaknesses, and favorite ice cream flavor.

  • Some Events will have Featured Units that are included in your Event deck (even if you don’t own them!) and required in your Event deck build.
  • If a featured unit is unowned, its level will be set to the default card level for its rarity: Common (1), Rare (4), Epic (7), and Legendary (10).

:moneybag: COINS BOOST

  • An additional Season 1 Reward branch has been added that can be unlocked for a Coin Boost that remains active for the remainder of Season 1: Time Warp.
    • This boost increases the Coins earned from PvP battles, Battle rewards chests, and quest reward chests by up to +100% when fully unlocked.
    • This boost does NOT apply to Coins obtained from: Event Rewards, claiming Seasons rewards, chests purchased with Diamonds, chests included in Value Packs, Gauntlet rewards, or donating a unit card to your Alliance.

:luggage: REWARD BOOST

  • An optional Event consumable can be purchased with Diamonds to make your next win(s) count as two wins instead of one for the purposes of earning the personal progression rewards that require a certain number of wins only.

  • Not consumed on a Loss.

  • This consumable does NOT affect Event Medals or leaderboard ranking.

    Developer Comment We added this feature as a way for players short on time to still earn personal progression rewards, while making sure not to impact other players on the leaderboards.


Known Issues

  • [Fixed] Some units like Confronter Tank and Skysweeper look graphically different. This isn’t intended and is a graphics shader problem.
  • Info buttons are not showing their tooltips as intended.

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