Version 2.11 Release Notes

Version 2.11 Highlights

Greetings, Commanders! Season 1: “Time Warp” is about to turn up the dial on the space-time paradoxes as the Legendary tier of units materialize through the Wormhole on a piece of questionably stable space rock. Interested? You should be. At least, that’s what future-you has told me.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: TIME WARP SEASON LEGENDARY TIER

:world_map: NEW MAPS

:tophat: UNIT SKINS (Reminder)


:trophy: EVENTS

:beetle: BUG FIXES

:hourglass_flowing_sand: TIME WARP SEASON LEGENDARY TIER

Ascension Warp (Legendary)

  • 2 :energy: Tech 2 Tactic that, after a short delay, teleports all friendly units on the battlefield to the targeted location. Higher levels of warp reduce the delay.

    “Okay, that is just straight up cheating.”
    – Roxie


Legion Enlist! (Legendary)

  • 2 :energy: Tech 2 Tactic that scans a targeted area and creates copies of friendly units scanned, adding them to your hand at whatever level Enlist! is. Great way to bypass the three-card limit to deckbuilding.

    “Raildogs are my favorite kind of dog. That’s why I brought four of ‘em!”
    – Nash


Rogue Riot Cannon (Legendary)

  • 2 :energy: Tech 1 structure that launches a projectile which damages enemy structures each time it reaches 3 charges. It gains 1 charge for every card you play, and for every 10 seconds that pass. Pairs very well with cards like the Hellion, which creates more cards in your hand.

    “Who would dare attack from far away with no ability for retaliation? Certainly not I.”
    – Kuro


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:world_map: NEW MAPS


  • To celebrate the new Legendary units, for a limited time all PvP battles will take place on an unstable asteroid flying through space on the edge of the Time Warp. What could go wrong?
    • Afterwards, you can expect to see this new map in the regular random rotation.
    • You can tap on pieces of the Time Warp battlefield and asteroids for some special interactions that don’t affect the outcome of the battle…unless you get too distracted being master of your tiny universe and not playing units!


  • Tales of your epic battles have reached far and wide across the galaxy, earning you some fans! Events now take place in the SPACE ARENA 3000 (patent pending) equipped with jumbotrons and live-streamed audiences from throughout the sector who will both passively and actively judge your performance.
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:tophat: UNIT SKINS (Reminder)

Just in case you weren’t inoculated for time travel sickness, here’s a reminder of what unit skins are available this season, including those in Legendary tier!


Ascension%20Archer%202 Archer

  • Range increased from 4 to 5
  • Health -33%
  • Damage -10%

Ascension%20Shadowblade%202 Shadowblade

  • Tech requirement reduced from Tech 2 to Tech 1
  • Health -15%

    Developer Comment Shadowblade has been underutilized for a while, and we want it to be more effective in tool in aggressive Ascension decks. This change makes it combine well with Dynamo, which is a cornerstone in those decks.

battle_icon_B_asha%402x~ipad Legion%20Research%20Lab%202 Research Lab (Avasa Commander Ability)

  • Tech-up time and card lockout duration increased from 10s to 11s

battle_icon_B_nash%402x~ipad Nash (Commander)

  • Damage aura effect -10%

Legion%20Rally%20Point%202 Rally Point

  • Damage aura effect -10%

Note: The Nash Aura and Rally Point changes were noted in-error for v2.10. These balance changes are actually live in v2.11. Our apologies! :nash_cry:

Legion%20Lightning%20Walker%202 Lightning Walker

  • Health -10%

Legion%20Drone%20Swarm%202 Drone Swarm

  • Damage +20%

Legion%20Shield%20Drone%202 Shield Drone

Rogue%20Big%20Tank%202 Big Tank

  • Attack cooldown increased from 2.2s to 2.5s
  • Damage +10%
  • Health +20%

    Developer Comment These changes to Big Tank maintain its overall damage per second, but make it tougher with more HP, and gives it much better breakpoints when attacking certain units.

:trophy: Events

  • Event Leaderboard Prizes

    • Unit Card Rewards have been converted to only Seasons Tokens and Coins
    • Seasons Tokens reward amounts have been increased overall
    • Individual rewards for number of wins remain unchanged

    Developer Comment We felt that the leaderboard prizes for events were not as satisfying as we wanted them to be in comparison to the win count progression prizes, so progress through the seasons tree wasn’t happening quite as fast as we wanted. To address this, we have replaced all of the units in the leaderboard prizes with more seasons points, then added even more seasons points to each prize tier past that. You can see the new prize structure starting in this weekend’s event.

  • [NEW] Battle Concert!

    • All units on the battlefield will periodically gain a movement and attack speed buff similar to playing a Zoom Box onto the field.
  • [NEW] Unstable Warp

    • During battle, Season 1 units will periodically emerge from unstable warp portals that appear on the battlefield for each player.

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed the issue preventing Facebook account linking


  • Fixed a bug where the barricades would have their colors flipped
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong Base, Barricade, and in some cases, unit card levels in battle
  • Fixed some graphical issues with water effects in the Battlefield map


  • Fixed a bug that accidentally removed medals from leaderboards. They should once again appear on ranked Leaderboards.


  • When upgrading units, the Coins gained through using Diamonds now count towards quest objectives that require “spending coins on anything”.

User Interface

  • Fixed a problem with black background screens for some menus
  • Fixed some size scaling problems with unit models in various places outside of battle
  • Fixed an issue with visual states and messaging for unit cards in the Upgrade lab


  • Giga’s impact damage are should now better match the visual representation
  • Fixed the bug that caused Blademaster to do no damage when buffed by Zoom Box
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip that showed the Reaper as having “Very Slow” movement speed. It should just be “Slow”
  • Polished unit animations in various places.


  • Fixed some missing sounds in squad builder.

Performance and Crashes

  • Game performance and stability improvements
  • Ongoing network performance fixes
  • Fixes to the cause of in-battle lag
  • Fixed an issue where certain game files would have to be re-downloaded each battle.
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Reserved for Known Issues

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