Version 2.10 Release Notes

Version 2.10 Highlights

Greetings, Commanders! Prepare your armies for a blast from the future! Wild Beyond’s Season 1: “Time Warp” will be live in this upcoming update and is packed with awesome new content to change the flow of battles. Update 2.10 is also including big gameplay changes to Overtime, Energy generation, the Armor stat, and Base/Barricade health. Read on to find out more!

:thumbsup: SEASON 1: TIME WARP

:chess_pawn: SEASON 1 UNITS

:tophat: UNIT SKINS


:spiral_notepad: GENERAL


:beetle: BUG FIXES

:thumbsup: SEASON 1: TIME WARP

Participate in existing events to earn Season Tokens, and spend those tokens to Earn Exclusive New Units! Each faction will feature three new collectible units throughout Season 1.

What’s that, Hypnoduck? You want me to feed pizza to this cool unicorn?

:chess_pawn: SEASON 1 UNITS

Units that have card draw or on-play effects do not activate when copied by a Mimic.

Ascension Herald (Rare)

  • 3 :energy: Tech 2 flying unit that creates up to three “Scouts” cards in your hand when played. Pairs extremely well when comboed with the Dynamo.

    You can’t have tricks up your sleeve if you don’t have arms…so where did these cards come from?


Ascension Dynamo (Epic)

  • 4 :energy: durable Tech 1 ground melee unit that reduces the cost of all Tech 1 cards in your hand by 2 :energy:. Surprise your opponent with a flood of Ascension might!

    Who wants Energy smoothies? I do!


Legion Reaper (Rare)

  • 4 :energy: Tech 3 ground mech that levels the playing field with sweeping volleys from its gatling guns.

    You now have 6 seconds to comply. 5…4…3…


Legion Ranger (Epic)

  • 2 :energy: quick Tech 1 melee infantry that immediately draws an additional card from your deck when played.

    These might look like glow sticks, but if you look closer… WHAP!


Rogue Dragonfly (Rare)

  • 6- :energy: Tech 2 flying unit that can attack air and ground units. Its energy cost is reduced by 1 :energy: for every card played, similar to the Grrrilla.

    Real dragonflies don’t sting, but this one does. With bullets. Lotsa bullets.


Rogue Hellion (Epic)

  • 3 :energy: Tech 1 ranged unit that places up to two Firebomb cards into your hand when played.

  • Firebombs cost 2 :energy: and deal damage over time to enemies in the targeted area. Spicy!

    Care to learn about diesel or diesel accessories?


The final 3 units of the season are all Legendary and will be arriving in April, so stay tuned for more news! The first season will last until the end of June and is the only way to obtain the exclusive new units during the course of the season. Season units will eventually be added to multiplayer chest pool, but not until well after each season has concluded.

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:tophat: UNIT SKINS

Want to stand out in the giant death-ball of units? Tired of just being another regular Rocket Trooper in a sea of blue and yellow? If your answer is anything other than “YES!”, then please kindly change your answer. In this update, we’re introducing skins to customize your units and commanders in Wild Beyond! Skins will be obtainable through Season Token rewards and can be equipped by viewing the unit details and tapping on the “Skins” icon.

In Season 1, the following skins will be available, with those in the Legendary tier being available once that tier is unlocked.


More unit skins to come in the future! Let us know what skin concepts you’d like to see!

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Overtime has been the most talked-about change from v2.00, and generated the most feedback about its effect on battle outcomes. Much of the feedback we heard from players and the game team was that it felt as though Overtime determined game outcomes too frequently, and that it’s too difficult to play late game strategies or mount comebacks. To rebalance Overtime, we’re adjusting the burn rate and time so that players have time to plan their late-game attacks and have time for units to traverse the battlefield for potential comeback plays.

  • Overtime burn damage rate is roughly halved

  • Overtime now begins 15 seconds earlier

  • Added visual indicators for Overtime damage to barrier and base health bars

    Developer Comment With these changes, average match time should be longer, but Overtime damage is also less-sudden to help communicate the escalation of the battle as it draws out. In conjunction with Energy Generation changes, battles should play out with a much better pace.

Energy Generation Rebalance

icon_W_Miner%402x~ipad icon_B_Miner%402x~ipad icon_R_Miner%402x~ipad

Previously, some strategies revolved around identical openers where building a Power Plant immediately or teching-up at a certain time was always the “correct” play, which led to uninteresting gameplay choices. These changes to generation rates and Power Plants should help create situations where the decision of whether to build a Power Plant or Tech up can become a critical decision to victory.
  • Power Plant Energy Cost increase from 4 :energy: to 5 :energy:

  • Power Plant Energy generation rate +20%

  • Baseline (0-Power Plant) energy generation rate +10%

    Developer Comment The previous two points should result in more total energy overall at the end of a match, which helps higher-tech decks reach their power spike to close out a game. If and when you choose to construct a Power Plant becomes even more important as well.

  • Midfield Power Plants’ generation rate reduced by -20%. Their Energy output is now equivalent to ½ of a regular Power Plant each.

    Developer Comment Early-game rush decks benefited too greatly from immediately taking midfield Power Plants. This created situations where it was too difficult to mount a comeback when so far behind in energy economy––especially true with barrier damage being more important now. We’ve lowered the Energy these generate while raising the baseline Energy generation rate to compensate.

Base/Barricade HP

icon_W_Barricade%402x~ipad icon_B_Barricade%402x~ipad icon_R_Barricade%402x~ipad

  • Barricade, Base, and Power Plant health is now based on your active commander’s level rather than player level

    Developer Comment High-level players playing their off-faction decks would gain a distinct advantage from Barricade, Base, and Power Plant health. This balancing should bring these matchups more in-line with the unit levels contained in an army/deck.

  • Your opponent’s barricade level is now displayed at the beginning of a match

  • [2v2] Barricade level is equal to the average of your teammate’s and your commander levels

Armor Mechanics Changes

  • Minimum armor damage cutoff raised from 20% to 35%.

    Developer Comment Previously, when attacking units that had armor, at least 20% of the attacking unit’s damage would be done to the target after armor reduction was applied. This way, things like Grunts attacking a Shield Drone would still be able to inflict damage despite the Shield Drone’s armor being higher than the Grunts’ total attack damage. However, this threshold was too low, and made armored units more difficult to deal with than intended. This increase to the armor damage cutoff should help make armor a little easier to crack, while maintaining armored units as the correct counter to light damage units.

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:spiral_notepad: GENERAL


  • Campaign Improvements
    • Revised bosses and missions in Samara for the regions Colossal Canyons and Pale Plains
    • Additional dialog in Ares Station campaign battles for regions Miscyra and the Alysian Isles


  • Kuro’s Hallucination no longer explodes for damage in Boom! events.

User Interface

  • Improvements to the unit detail screen in all locations where unit details can be viewed
    • Added skins interface for units that have a skin available
    • You can now see up to 10 detailed stats for each unit based on priority
    • We’ve collapsed the Battle Demo video with stats


  • Please note that Seasons localization in some languages will not be available until a live update later this week.
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This update increases the radius of effect for some tactics so that they can be used more quickly and hit their marks more easily. Tactics that are intended to require more precision (such as Arcane Blast) are unchanged. Additionally, we’re shifting Roxie and Kuro more towards offense as part of more upcoming commander balance changes. Speaking of commander balancing: Giga, everyone’s favorite slam-dunking Ascension juggernaut is hitting the battlefield with some serious upgrades.

battle_icon_W_kozuchi%402x~ipad Giga (Commander)

  • Impact damage when played +33%

  • Attack damage +66%

  • Now has a significant amount of armor vs. air units because he has a big ol’ hat.

    Developer Comment Our data showed that Giga wasn’t performing as well as other commanders despite the recent buffs to Ascension Tech Tier 1. He needed some adjustments to help bolster his strength when entering the battlefield, and being the only commander without an anti-air attack, we felt it appropriate to give him hat armor. Yes, we’ve been calling it “hat armor” for weeks.

Ascension%20Nano%20Shield%202 Nano Shield (Giga Commander Tactic)

  • Radius +50%
  • Healing +20%

battle_icon_W_kuro%402x~ipad Kuro (Commander)

  • Health -15%
  • Damage +30%

Ascension%20Alchemist%202 Alchemist

  • Health +1%. For breakpoint reasons.

Ascension%20Archer%202 Archer

  • Health +5%
  • Damage +10%

Ascension%20Lancers%202 Lancers

  • Health +2%

Ascension%20Scouts%202 Scouts

  • Energy cost reduced from 3 to 2
  • Health -13%

Ascension%20Blademaster%202 Blademaster

  • Health +25%
  • Damage +7%

Ascension%20Freeze%202 Freeze (Tactic)

  • Radius +50%

Ascension%20Shadowblade%202 Shadowblade

  • Health +9%

battle_icon_B_nash%402x~ipad Nash (Commander)

  • Damage aura effect -10%

    Developer Comment Pyro attacks very rapidly, and was dealing too much damage when buffed by Nash or Rally Point – a situation that can commonly arise in 2v2 and modes like Gauntlet.

Legion%20Rally%20Point%202 Rally Point

  • Damage aura effect -10%

Legion%20Frag%20Grenade%202 Frag Grenade (Tactic)

  • Radius +50%

Legion%20Longshot%202 Longshot

  • Rifle damage +8%
  • Pistol damage +60%

Legion%20Raptor%202 Raptor

  • Can now be placed anywhere with map control (similar to Nash’s Reinforcements).

    Developer Comment The Raptor’s role in Legion armies was not very clear, which made it uncommon to see in regular play. This change allows Raptors to have a more interesting role as the “strike fighter” its appearance suggests by surprising enemies and being able to take out high priority long-range targets.

Legion%20Confronter%20Tank%202 Confronter Tank

  • Armor tripled at all levels. Nominated for Tankiest Tank of the Year.

Legion%20Shield%20Drone%202 Shield Drone

  • Health -5%

Legion%20Fortress%20Mech%202 Fortress Mech

  • Now causes a small knockback on enemy units when first played onto the field

    Developer Comment Fortress Mechs serve the purpose of taking the brunt of damage from an approaching army. A small knockback happens now when it lands on the playing field in order to interrupt and force retargeting so as to draw fire from other units on the battlefield.

Legion%20K9%202 K9

  • Attack speed reduced from 1.4 to 2.0

  • Leap attack now does double damage

  • Cooldown between Leap attacks is 10 seconds

    Developer Comment A cooldown on Leap will prevent K9 from being quite as oppressive against ranged units, but its ability as an assassin is drastically improved.

battle_icon_R_roxie%402x~ipad Roxie (Commander)

  • Health -45%
  • Damage +45%

Rogue%20Zoom%20Box%202 Zoom Box (Tactic)

  • Radius +50%

Rogue%20Pain%20Cloud%202 Pain Cloud

  • Health -10%

    Developer Comment This is reverting the HP buff to Pain Cloud from the v2.00 update, as Pain Cloud saw a lot more success from its other buffs alone.

Rogue%20Seeker%20Missiles%202 Seeker Missiles

  • Energy Cost increased from 4 :energy: to 5 :energy:

    Developer Comment Seeker Missiles offered too much value for its cost. It kills many Tech level 3 units outright. However, we wanted to keep its lethality and found it was most appropriate to increase the cost.

Rogue%20Nuke%20Truck%202 Nuke Truck

  • Health -15%
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:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed a bug where Power Plants could not be rebuilt if destroyed in 2v2.


  • Temporary fix to automatic chat scrolling. We’re working on a more permanent fix in our next update.
  • It should no longer be possible to tap on ‘Challenge’ and ‘2v2’ battle button at the same time on the direct messages screen under the ‘Chat’ menu, and then get stuck in a queue.

Boss Blitz

  • Fixed a crash with the Alicia Boss Battle.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a player’s name to appear twice on the leaderboard.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in rank portraits not immediately becoming available when a player reaches it.


  • Fixed a localization bug that could prevent certain quest objectives from being completed if the device is set to a language other than English.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Ranked portraits to fail to update to your highest-achieved rank
  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly show Legendary quality chests as a possible PvP chest reward.


  • [Legion] Medic Drone Fixed an issue where it would fly back to the base and never return to the fight.
  • [Rogue] Pyro Fixed a visual bug showing units taking damage to the flamethrower attack even if they were not in the damaging area of the attack.


  • Fixed missing sound effects in the squad builder when adding units to your army.
  • Fixed a bug where the versus screen audio would overlap with itself.

Performance and Crashes

  • Matchmaking network improvements to help enter battles more quickly and efficiently

:val_drink: KNOWN ISSUES

The team is working on a number of issues at the moment. If you would like to assist us with more details on problems you’re experiencing, please drop us a ticket through our support portal.

  • There’s a bunch of notable animation and model issues. For example: the Reaper’s movement and attack animations, the area of effect circle for the tactics that got a radius buff, and black water on some of the maps
  • [Not A Bug] Leaderboard missing win-loss stats
  • Some crashes when updating from v2.03 to v2.10
  • Players who had a Raptor upgrade in-progress when upgrading to v2.10 are stuck. Hotfix is on its way.
  • Facebook Login is currently experiencing issues. The feature will be disabled for now while a fix is worked on for v2.11
  • Medal count missing from Top 100 Leaderboards
  • I still don’t have Dynamo yet :cry:

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