Version 2.00 Release Notes


Version 2.00 Highlights

Greetings, Commanders! This update includes lots of changes in and around battles: from matchmaking, to OVERTIME (yes, in all caps), and after the battle with Replays. There are also a ton of unit balance changes to every faction.

Common chests will also contain new player icons for each faction, so battle to earn these limited-time avatars from February 9th through February 15th! We’ve also received reports of something in the air called “love”. We don’t know what this is, but it sounds dangerous and should be approached with much caution and chocolate.

:thumbsup: MATCHMAKING

:movie_camera: BATTLE REPLAYS


:crossed_swords: EVENTS UPDATES

:spiral_notepad: GENERAL


:beetle: BUG FIXES

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:thumbsup: MATCHMAKING

As with most PvP games, finding an opponent of equal skill and power within a reasonable amount of time is the ultimate goal. This update includes some matchmaking changes towards that goal. Feedback over matchmaking continues to be the most requested and important topic for the Wild Beyond team, and we’re committed to working toward games that feel good for all matched players.

  • Players with stronger decks will move out of low ranks more quickly than before.

    Developer Comment One of the complaints we see a lot of are that players are facing opponents with decks way stronger than their ranking leads one to believe. Moving these players out of lower ranks more quickly so that they can stabilize at their true ranks should help reduce the amount of time these players spend in low ranks Pancaking opponents.

  • We’re doing some other things under the hood to ensure in the long run that the matches being made are as fair as possible.


:movie_camera: BATTLE REPLAYS

  • Battle replays can be viewed for battles on or after v2.00. Relive the exact moment in which a player’s soul was crushed in defeat.
  • For a list of your past battle replays, tap on Replays in your player Profile after tapping on your portrait.
  • Only battles against other players will generate a replay.



We saw a lot of feedback that the previous Fight-It-Out system was not an enjoyable way for a match to end because control was taken away from the player, it would take too long for some units to poke away at a base until it was destroyed, and felt imbalanced against commanders that had buildings on the field. Fight-It-Out has now been replaced with Overtime:

  • After 2:30 of game time has passed, barricades will start to gradually take damage with this priority: barricades until both have been destroyed, and then the base.
  • The base cannot take Overtime damage until both barricades have been destroyed.
  • If only one barricade remains, it takes the combined damage that two barricades would take.
  • You maintain control and can draw and play cards until one side’s base is destroyed.
  • Having no units on the field no longer ends the battle.
  • In the unlikely event of a perfect tie, the battle counts as a loss for both sides. Remember: some tactics can do damage to barricades and the base!


:crossed_swords: EVENTS UPDATES

Starting the week of February 11th, Events will be seeing a lot of improvements to prizing and gameplay.

  • Portraits are now in event prizing! Win a unique portrait for participating in each event, with a special golden version if you achieve Rank #1. Shiny and gold!

  • Event medals are no longer deducted for a loss in events. Playing more battles just gives you more chances to climb the rankings!

  • Event Medal gain or loss is now shown post-battle.

  • Improvements to event ladder matchmaking to move players through ranks more quickly towards their expected rank.

  • New event types and mechanics.

    Developer Comment As mentioned in December’s State of the Game #1, we wanted to add some more interesting mechanics into events similar to the things you’ve seen in Boss Blitzes. For example, a new “Frenzy” event will draw a card every time you play a card. Think fast!

Live Update 218
Live Update 216

:spiral_notepad: GENERAL


  • Some revisions have been made to early campaign dialogue.
  • We’ve updated the rewards for completing worlds in the campaign.
    • Players who complete these two campaign worlds after v2.00 will now have a quest to collect a Massive (epic) chest for completing Samara and a Colossal Chest (legendary) for completing Kaliki.
    • If you completed these worlds before v2.00, you’ll be able to claim your chests under Store > Chests.


Xenogarden temporarily disabled due to graphical issues

User Interface

  • Added more early-game callouts to the UI to let you know if you could be currently upgrading units, but aren’t.



  • Energy cost for teching up increased from 4 to 5.

    Developer Comment Currently, we’ve seen the meta-game too centered around late game strategies where not much would happen until the last 60 seconds of a battle, or ones where tech level 2 units were ignored entirely on the way to tech level 3. We want there to be a slightly larger window to punish these passive strategies with aggressive play. Ideally, a typical battle would see the use of units from every tech level across the course of a match. This change to tech cost aims to address the power curve on the way to tech level 3 units.

The Ascension are seeing some buffs to Tier 1 units, as they were undertuned compared to their Rogue and Legion counterparts. These changes should help them find their way into “faster” decks and make it more viable to not turtle up and wait to Tech level 3. Tech level 3 units have seen some buffs too in order for Ascension to be a viable competitive choice.

battle_icon_W_kozuchi%402x~ipad Ascension%20Nano%20Shield%202 Nano Shield (Giga Commander Tactic)

  • Healing +25%

Ascension%20Archer%202 Archer

  • Damage +20%

Ascension%20Lancers%202 Lancers

  • Damage +10%
  • Health +10%

Ascension%20Scouts%202 Scouts

  • Damage +10%

Ascension%20Alchemist%202 Alchemist

  • Damage +10%

Ascension%20Blademaster%202 Blademaster

  • Tech requirement reduced from Tech Level 2 to Tech Level 1. Stats reduced accordingly.

Ascension%20Sentinel%202 Sentinel

  • Tech requirement increased from Tech Level 1 to Tech Level 2
  • Energy cost reduced from 2 to 1.

Ascension%20Ice%20Acolyte%202 Ice Acolyte

  • Health +150%

    Developer Comment For a Tier 2 unit, the Ice Acolyte’s durability was a bit lacking. Its health should now be closer to that of a Pyro or Alchemist, but with added utility befitting of its tech investment.

Ascension%20Shadowblade%202 Shadowblade

  • Leap range doubled.

    Developer Comment With its slow movement speed, the Shadowblade would sometimes fail to dispatch a ranged threat quickly enough if it was very far away. This added range should help it complete its assassinations more reliably.

Ascension%20Seraph%202 Seraph

  • Damage +10%

    Developer Comment This is specifically to maintain damage breakpoints in accordance with buffs to other units. The Seraph should not play any differently.

Ascension%20Cyclops%202 Cyclops

  • Health +10%
  • Damage +10%

Ascension%20Eternal%20Warrior%202 Eternal Warrior

  • Health +10%
  • Armor +10%
  • Damage +10%

battle_icon_B_asha%402x~ipad Legion%20Research%20Lab%202 Research Lab (Avasa Commander Tactic)

  • Card lockout duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds to coincide with new tech energy costs.

  • Health -67%

  • Gains 200 armor after researching is complete.

    Developer Comment The Research Lab was sometimes played reactively as a tanky object to stall a fight, but a sudden appearance of a 2000+ health object was too powerful for no cost. This change makes the Research Lab more killable while it’s researching, but still serve as a good defensive option against things that don’t hit hard after it has completed its purpose.

battle_icon_B_nash%402x~ipad Major Nash (Commander)

  • Damage bonus aura now matches Rally Point (Tactic). Effects of both will continue to stack with each other.

battle_icon_B_nash%402x~ipadLegion%20Reinforcements%202 Reinforcements (Nash Commander Tactic)

  • Grunts in Reinforcements now have the same stats as regular Grunts of equivalent level.

Legion%20Grunt%202 Grunts

  • Energy cost reduced from 2 to 1
  • Health -15%
  • Damage -20%

Legion%20Rally%20Point%202 Rally Point

  • Damage buff +20%

Legion%20Shield%20Drone%202 Shield Drone

  • Armor -5%

Legion%20Lightning%20Walker%202 Lightning Walker

  • Health +5%

Legion%20Dreadnaught%202 Dreadnaught

  • Health -15%

Rogue%20Dugout%202 Dugout

  • Health -5%

Rogue%20Deadeye%202 Deadeye

  • Increased first shot damage bonus from 2.0x to 2.5x

    Developer Comment Deadeyes were unable to kill some things on the first shot that it was supposed to.

Rogue%20Hazard%20Miner%202 Hazard Miner

  • Moved from Tech Level 2 to Tech Level 1. Stats reduced accordingly.

Rogue%20Junker%202 Junker

  • Health +10%

Rogue%20Pain%20Cloud%202 Pain Cloud

  • Health +10%

  • Explosion radius +10%

  • Explosion damage +10%

    Developer Comment Pain Cloud has still been having trouble reaching targets and killing things upon death. These increases to its range and durability should help it better perform as intended.

Rogue%20Pancake%202 Pancake

  • Health +20%
  • Its increased health means it can now also flatten T.E.D.D.Y. and K9.
  • Widened the area that it could flatten units to match its model. All-you-can-eat flapjacks (as long as you don’t ask what they’re made of)!

Rogue%20Big%20Tank%202 Big Tank

  • Health +20%

  • Damage +20%

  • Armor +20%

    Developer Comment Big Tank’s previous value for its tech and unit energy cost was a bit underwhelming. We also wanted to add “Size +20%” here but it wouldn’t fit in the lane.

Rogue%20Nuke%20Truck%202 Nuke Truck

  • Health -10%

    Developer Comment The Nuke Truck performs extremely well at turning barriers, bases, and entire armies to ash, but was a bit too tanky to allow for timely counterplays. This health reduction should allow for a little more time for defenders to react and neutralize the threat while not changing Nuke Truck’s effectiveness when it does get in range of its target.

Rogue%20Seeker%20Missiles%202 Seeker Missiles

  • Energy cost increased from 3 to 4.

Rogue%20Grrrilla%202 Grrrilla

  • Health +10% (10% More GRRR)


:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed a bug where some units would not be highlighted when targeted by Tactics.
  • Fixed a bug where units affected by knockbacks would be turned in the opposite direction.
  • Fixed a bug in battle where the game would freeze and lock up when certain units were played on some devices.


  • Fixed a bug where messages in a 2-person Alliance would be treated as a direct message.


  • Fixed a bug where Mimics could copy some bosses. No more evil twin syndrome.


  • Fixed a bug where some tiers of prizes could not be collected.
  • Fixed some weird quest behavior in between events.
  • Fixed a bug where the Event Rules page would show some units as “Unowned” even though you actually do own them.
  • Fixed a bug where the levels of the event units you owned were shown with the incorrect level.


  • Fixed a bug where Gauntlet completion quests would appear in the incorrect order.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where PvP rank would not update consistently between the player profile menu, the multiplayer menu, and the Alliance menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the monthly leaderboard rewards screen would display the incorrect month.
  • Fixed a bug where receiving multiple copies of the same unit from more than one chest would only show the count difference once.


  • [Ascension] Shadowblade Fixed a bug where Shadowblades would attack a melee unit that was close to a ranged unit instead of attacking the ranged unit.
  • [Ascension] Shadowblade Fixed some more cases where the Shadowblade would get stuck somewhere on the map and not be able to attack.
  • [Rogue] Roxie’s Generators should no longer provide its full energy bonus to both players. It now correctly grants each player half the amount of energy.
  • [Rogue] Nuke Truck Fixed a bug where the explosion animation would fail to play if detonated under the effects of a Zoom Box.
  • Tactics like Frag Grenade, Zoom Box, Seeker Missiles, Corrosive Rain, and Freeze can once again be played in the center of the map.
  • Adjusted model scaling of many units in the deckbuilder that were too large or too small.


  • Fixed a bug where the Victory audio would overlap with regular gameplay audio.

Performance and Crashes

  • Implemented fixes to reduce the frequency of remaining battle connection errors.
  • Implemented changes to speed up battle load times.

Is it true that Roxie’s Generator no longer charges allies?
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Love that you guys are pushing the development of the game forward. I think this game as a lot of potential to become the next top pvp mobile game. Can’t wait to see how the new changes feel


This is amazing to see so many requested changes actually get featured! Great work guys


Event medals are being deducted for loses…


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