Version 1.90 Release Notes



Greetings, Commanders! Our last app update for the year is bursting at the seams with new features, balance changes, and more! Most notably, we’ve been working hard to address everyone’s frustrations over matchmaking, and taken the first big steps towards improvements to the ranking system. This update is also preparing for the debut of Events later this year! Read on to find out more!

Also, giant snow creatures in scarves and trees for arms have come to witness the chaos on the battlefield. Do they come in peace? Are these colorfully-lit trees some kind of power pylon grid? Why are pointy red hats infecting….EVERYTHING?! Send help.





:earth_americas: NEW CAMPAIGN MISSIONS



:spiral_notepad: GENERAL


:beetle: BUG FIXES



  • Each of your factions will have their own medal value, resulting in a different League rank for each faction depending on how well you do with them.

  • Matchmaking is still based on the medal count of the faction you’re queueing with, but it’s now much more obvious as to how well you do with each faction.

    Developer Comment By and large, this is the biggest source of feedback we saw after launching Wild Beyond. There was a lot of confusion around matchmaking and how your opponents were chosen, resulting in a lot of matches that didn’t look or feel fair on the surface. In pulling out each faction, we hope to make this more transparent, and allow players to feel less-pressured when learning or leveling up with a different faction. We’re not quite done yet with this though! Factional leaderboards and a few other quality-of-life features are planned for the future.



  • Approximately each month, players will be receiving a special chest with rewards based on the highest rank they achieved on the leaderboard between the three factions. Depending on rank, this chest contains Coins, Epic unit cards, and Legendary unit cards.
  • Be sure to play the minimum amount of ranked games each month to be eligible for rewards!
  • Each month players will be placed at a lower league depending on their previous accomplishments and will have to compete to climb the ranks for rewards the following month.
  • Slated to happen around the beginning of January 2019.

Developer Comment Leaderboard rank needed more payoff than just bragging rights and more stuff in bonus chests. The medal rank adjustment will help ensure that players have the skills to consistently climb in the ranks.



We’ve been excited to see how eagerly players have been collecting and upgrading their cards, but we’ve also received a lot of feedback from players on the overall economy of upgrades. The most talked about issues are: 1) coin costs scale up quickly and become very difficult to afford as you upgrade your cards, 2) some players have reached or are close to reaching the end of upgrade progression and wondering what’s next, and 3) it takes too long to upgrade cards. The following changes hope to address each of these.

  • Unit level cap raised from 14 to 17. Relative stat scaling is still the same per level.
  • The maximum player level has raised from 25 to 28 to accommodate the new unit levels.
  • Total unit upgrade coin costs from 1-14 have been “stretched” across 1-17 so costs per level are reduced.

Developer Comment The total coin cost to max out a unit is the same as before, but each of the first 13 upgrades now cost about 25% the amount of coins it cost previously. We’ll be crediting players back a significant number of coins based on your previous player level. It may take some time for these to reach everyone eligible, so we thank you for your patience. We realize this is a change we should not make lightly, and appreciate your patience and feedback as early players and supporters as we tune the game.

  • Card upgrade times now max out at 5 hours.

Developer Comment We’ve taken a look at the requirements to upgrade cards and saw that collecting the cards and coins was already a reasonable challenge. With the debut of factional matchmaking allowing players to rank up in all 3 factions equally, that’s a lot more units to upgrade to be competitive. We don’t want to prevent people from being able to play a bit of everything effectively, and so the longest upgrade timers have been reduced to make this easier.



Events are coming to Wild Beyond! Tournament style events will test your skill against other players using a pre-selected set of 20 units from all three factions across the current unit roster, led by the Commander of your choosing from your available unlocked commanders. We hope this event will be a fun way for players to try out units and strategies they don’t normally use. Ranking will be based off of a Tournament rating that’s separate from your normal PvP rating. Future events will mix up the sets of units, the theme, and toss in some unexpected unit behaviors. Let’s get Wild!

  • Compete against other players in your group of 100 for the best prizes.
  • Earn rewards along the way based on your rank.
  • Rank 1 earns a guaranteed Legendary unit!
  • Everyone gets to create a deck with the same set of 20 cross-factional units.
  • You can select any commander that you own.
  • If your strategy isn’t working, try different builds!


:earth_americas: NEW CAMPAIGN MISSIONS

  • New Campaign Missions have been unlocked! Join our commanders on their trials on Kaliki!

    Will the mysterious Val lead our commanders to the location of the Starcrux? Or will she betray them and take the relic’s power as her own? Find out as we set our coordinates to Kaliki, the land of love! Wait no, sorry––lava. I meant lava.

  • Many Campaign missions now have a faction commander requirement and may be challenging until your card levels have caught up. Visit the upgrade lab or bring a friend!



  • Added deck power rating to the UI, which is based off of your selected unit card levels.
  • Campaign levels will now show you recommended deck power levels

Developer Comment We’ve noticed that it was not easy to tell how strong your deck was outside of the deckbuilder. This addition should help make it easier to tell at-a-glance how strong your units are stat-wise, but a balanced strategy and army composition is still left up to you!




:spiral_notepad: GENERAL


  • Most units are up to 25% larger to make them easier to see on the battlefield, but unit collision is unchanged. Larger, but not stronger. This isn’t an MMO.
  • Slow and medium speed units have have had their movements speeds slightly reduced.
  • The commander’s ship now flickers when taking damage.
  • Units flicker red when taking damage. Small instances of damage result in a short duration flicker while larger hits of damage have a longer-duration flicker.
  • Ships now have some sweet new explosion visual effects. Defeat never looked this good.


  • Adjusted many campaign missions to account for the unit balance changes below.
  • Numerous bug fixes and text edits through the campaign.


  • Added the winter holiday-themed map. Feel free to “poke around”. No, seriously, try it!

User Interface

  • Added pop-up notifications indicating what happened for battle disconnects or when a player leaves the battle early, resulting in a loss.
  • In the Upgrade Lab, we now only show requirements for unit quests that are currently available to you. Keep unlocking units to access more! We know this was confusing a lot of players!


  • Various updates to Commander models.
  • Adjusted the amount of smoke coming out of the Rogue commander’s ship. It was just low on brake light fluid.
  • Added relevant faction logos in places where they were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the displayed purchase price for Elite would not match the listed iTunes price.



Our balance and design team keeps a close watch on data of how different units perform in all kinds of matchups, but feedback on how these changes fare in your personal battle experiences are just as valuable! Make sure to provide us with feedback on your experiences after trying them out in v1.90.


  • Base damage increased from 209 to 225


  • Now switches to a melee attack when other flying units get too close. This attack takes 1.5 seconds per swing, and does about 6x less DPS than the Seraph’s ranged attack.

    Developer Comment Long range units like the Seraph and Cartillery were extremely effective at any range, making it difficult for intended counters compete even when they got close enough to attack. This change to make them behave like Longshots should help deal with these units when tactical removal options are not available.


  • Damage increased by 20%
  • Health increased by 20%


  • Radius increased by 25% from 800 to 1000.


  • Damage increased by 33%

  • Health increased by 33%

    Developer Comments Ascension’s tank options were lacking aside from the Legendary quality Eternal Warrior and Vanguard was not performing as well as we’d like. This buff should give Ascension players a better early-game option for a front-liner as well as put up more of a fight against low-tech swarm units.

Developer Comment Legion are seeing the most balance changes for a few reasons. A few of their late game units were slightly over-tuned, leading to a max tech level being too popular and crowding out other ways to build the deck. Additionally Raildog has been too effective as a game finisher, rather than it’s primary job of destroying tanky units. With these changes we hope to support early rush decks with Nash that don’t have to rely on Raildog to finish out the game, mid-game decks that utilize synergy between Confronter Tank, Armored Airship, and Medic Drone, as well as the already popular late game decks.


  • Damage reduced by 7%

  • Health reduced by 15%

    Developer Comment At no energy cost, the B.E.A.R. was providing a little too much value for being a “free” unit to drop in an opening play. This rebalancing should make it slightly easier to deal with.

Confronter Tank

  • Now has armor.

    Developer Comment The Confronter Tank was not as tanky as its name suggested, and this will help it synergize better with Medic Drone.


  • Health reduced by 10%

Fortress Mech

  • Armor reduced from 167 to 150.

  • Damage increased from 150 to 160

    Developer Comment The 3x armor with the shields down has proven very oppressive, tuning the armor down slightly will allow tech level 0 snipers to be more effective against it.

Lightning Walker

  • Damage increased by 20%
  • Health increased by 20%

Medic Drone

  • Now gradually loses health in Fight-it-Out

    Developer Comment Fight-it-Out gets really awkward when no one can do any damage.

Rally Point

  • Energy cost reduced from 2 to 1


  • Bonus damage to ships and barricades reduced from 25% to 12.5%. Still does 25% to units.

    Developer Comment Watching a barricade or ship get vaporized in 7 seconds seemed a little too fast. This change makes seeing a Raildog a little less soul-crushing for the opponent, but still maintains its utility for clearing out big, healthy units.

Shield Drone

  • Health increased by 10%


  • Health reduced by 10%


  • Energy cost reduced from 4 to 3.


  • Now switches to a melee attack when other ground units get too close. This attack takes 1.5 seconds per swing, and does about 4.5x less DPS than Cartillery’s ranged attack.

  • Requirements increased to tech level 2 from tech level 1.

  • Base health increased from 1980 to 3550.

    Developer Comment Access to this massive damage dealer at tech level 1 means that it was often used in rush strategies rather than as part of a late game push. The move to tech level 2 means we could give it more stats, making it quite formidable. However it’s important that this unit has clear counters, so we’ve made it vulnerable to units that can get close to it.

Pain Cloud

  • Attack range slightly reduced so that anything it’s attacking at the time of death should be caught in its explosion radius.

  • On-death explosion damage is now dealt over 0.7 seconds instead of instantly.

  • Energy cost reduced from 5 to 4.

  • Attack speed reduced from 2.5 seconds to 3.0 seconds per attack.

  • Base damage (at level 5) increased from 788 to 1320 (DPS increase)

    Developer Comment Pain Cloud has been underperforming so far and needed a stat adjustment. Additionally, with Cartillery being moved up a tech level we’re moving Pain Cloud further into the heavy, slow hitter spectrum so there’s still a tech level 1 anti tank option available for rogue.


  • Health increased by 20%.

Zoom Box

  • Energy cost reduced from 2 to 0.

    Developer Comment This Tactic was under-used for its cost. Making it “free” should increase its early-game usefulness for rushes, and just in general for bursting down foes to take them by surprise.


:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed a bug where Tactics would fail to originate from the closed ship when no commander was present.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Avasa to disappear from her ship when she called down Mechazor. She’s not piloting the mech, so maybe she went to get a snack?
  • Fixed a bug where Giga would not return to his ship after being defeated on the battlefield. We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly swapped the red and blue VFX for barricades.


  • Fixed a bug that caused enemy units to stop spawning on the battlefield once the boss had been killed.
  • Fixed an unintended case where the boss Lt. Brody could be killed outright with Tactics or copied with Mimics. This level now has a barrier, cannot be Mimicked, and Lt. Brody’s mech is placed further back.
  • Fixed a bug where Sgt. Calloway’s missiles were not doing any damage to the commander base.
  • Fixed a bug with the boss Yatsu where Kuro’s summoned Illusion would cause it to stop attacking.

Boss Blitz

  • Fixed an issue where the list of the boss’s special abilities didn’t always match up with the boss’s actual abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where Alicia’s anti-air missiles would try to target tactics like Corrosive Rain and Zoom Box.
  • Fixed a bug where some melee units could not attack Kyrie.
  • Fixed a bug where the battle wouldn’t complete even if you killed Kyrie (for the last time).

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where the “Defeat” banner would appear before the enemy commander ship escape animation occurred.
  • Fixed missing icon and unreadable colored text in the direct message chat buttons.
  • Fixed some visual errors with Alliance Quests completion
  • Fixed a bug where the certain timed quests would end early or late due to a mismatch with the quest timer on the server.
  • Fixed a bug that would show the “Rank up!” notification when crossing a rank threshold even if that action de-ranked you.
  • Fixed a bug with the Tactics Zoom Box and Freeze that showed their durations as 0 seconds.
  • Fixed overlapping text in the Campaign menu where you’d see “You’ve explored all of the planets”.
  • Fixed a bug where closed player chat windows would keep coming back on relaunch.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause some units to stutter between attacks.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Nash’s beam attack would use the aerial attack animation against big units like Kuro’s Hallucination.
  • Fixed a bug with the walking animation for Deadeyes and Alchemists would look like they’re roller-skating across the ground.
  • Clarified tutorial text explaining Roxie’s speed buff. It affects nearby allies not all allies on the field.
  • [Rogue] Pyro Fixed a bug where the armor of any secondary targets would be ignored.
  • [Rogue] Nuke Truck Fixed a bug where the on-death explosion would not deal damage to Kuro’s Illusion.
  • [Ascension] Shadowblade Fixed a bug where it would fail to jump to and kill its target.
  • [Ascension] Eternal Warrior Toned down the shield effects on Eternal Warrior to be less distracting.


  • Many Fixes to audio timing mismatches for units.
  • Added missing audio to unit spawn and death animations.

Performance and Crashes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to lock up on the PvP loading screen.
  • Nerfed the Nuke Truck so that it wouldn’t crash the game too when it exploded in battle.

Language and Localization

  • Fixed an issue where 1v1 challenges would produce a push notification in the challenger’s device language instead of your device’s language.

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