Version 1.80 Release Notes



Leaderboard Reset

Player Leaderboard rankings will be reset in v1.80, and players will be rewarded based on previous rank progression:

  • Master league players (4100+ medals) will receive 1 Colossal Chest
  • Diamond league players (3500-4099 medals ) will receive 2 Massive Chests
  • Gold league players (2900-3499 medals) will receive 1 Massive Chest
  • Silver players (2300-2899 medals) will receive 2 Big Chests
  • Bronze players (1700-2299 medals) will receive 1 Big Chest


  • Punchboxes are easier to acquire than before. Pranksters rejoice!
  • Improvements to various visual effects. This means explosions, energy beams, and gas, oh my!
  • Re-scaled the size of some units and commander models to be more visible on the battlefield.

User Interface

  • The health bars of units played near the top of the screen can now be seen more easily.


  • Improvements to the Store and wherever all Store things are sold.

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed a tutorial bug that would sometimes prevent you from being able to drag units onto the battlefield.
  • Fixed a tutorial bug where you could get stuck on the moon. Mission control, we had a problem.
  • Fixed a crash for when a player reaches level 21.
  • Fixed an issue where Kuro would enter the battlefield and be untargetable.
  • Fixed some unit collision issues causing bulkier units to get stuck behind other smaller ones.
  • Fixed an issue in matchmaking where you would be paired with someone unexpected. Guess who? No, really, who is that?

User Interface

  • Fixed misaligned unit cards from opening chests.
  • Fixed confusing wording on chest contents tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not dismiss the ‘Special Unit’ tooltip while playing Campaign battles.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent, difficult to read dialogue text.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging units into your deck was more difficult than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the range indicators of your units would be shown when dragging those units around to editing your deck.
  • Fixed a few instances of cut off dialogue text.
  • Fixed an issue where the matchmaking screen would not disappear when the host cancels the queue.
  • Fixed an issue where some unit cards would permanently glow purple in battle. We’re pretty sure it was just harmless radiation.
  • Fixed an issue that showed the enemy’s commander placement indicators before the actual placement action.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading units very quickly could cause the Level Up message to fail to appear.


  • Fixed an issue with inconsistently displayed upgrade times for the Alchemist.
  • Fixed an issue where the Vanguard could not be played onto the battlefield after teching up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Seeker Missiles to forget what they’re targeting and just zip around like…bees?
  • Fixed the Cyclops’ attack animation against air units.
  • Fixed an issue causing Kuro’s knockback ability to send units flying into next week.
  • Fixed an issue causing Kuro’s knockback ability to affect the enemy commander’s ship.
  • Fixed a stutter animation issue with the Vanguard’s punching animation.
  • Fixed an issue causing newly-deployed units to not play their spawn animation.
  • Fixed model of some units whose resolutions were too low.
  • Fixed numerous unit attack animations and spell effects to match up with their duration.


  • Fixed a number of audio issues where sounds were playing when they shouldn’t have been. Not everyone can be a DJ.
  • Fixed a few places where it would be eerily quiet because audio stopped.
  • Added new sound effects to a whole lot of things that didn’t have them before.
  • Reduced the volume on some sound effects that were too loud.

Performance and Crashes

  • Fixed several common game crashes.
  • Added startup optimizations so you can get into the game faster.

Language and Localization

  • Improved localization in multiple languages.

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