Val strikes again

Hello there,

Last time we were discussing Val in events, I stated that Val isn’t that big of a deal when you reliably shut down the bots with cheap AoE that can hit bots and walls at the same time (i.e: alchemists, etc). Otherwise. I consider Val extremely powerful.

Given there is not even one AoE unit in this event worthwhile for this matter, I am curious about the percentage of players that used Val in this event, and its win rate against other commanders. Can you please share with us such numbers?

Román R.

Hi Roman. Thanks for the feedback. I wrote a response to this in similar thread Another event that Val is op in

It’s going to rotate.

I also wish the first event out of the gate had ended up with Val disallowed, but that’s not how the timing worked out. Changing it at the last minute
might have caused bugs, so we left it. Val will end up disallowed soon enough.

I wrote more details in this thread:


Disallow; force.

Tomato; tomato.