Val needs a nerf to factory

Val is undoubtably the strongest hero and almost everyone plays her during events and wins hands down. I feel like she’s to strong with her special factory spawn. If she has one or two in her starting hand it’s just gg. I feel like Val needs to have a nerf on her special. Something like reduced spawn rate of drones or just make it require a tech up to be played that way it’s not so one sided.

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Surprisingly, you’re one of the first players I’ve seen report that they feel that Val and her factories are overpowered.

There’s a bunch of threads saying she needs to get more strength, for instance this one written by @Sunsets :

Lots of reasonable players will say a card is overpowered and another set of reasonable players will say the card is underpowered. I think the truth is that people will find different opponent archetypes more or less difficult to deal with depending on the composition of their own deck. For sure certain units or decks can feel “overpowered” for a while until you earn or build up the right counters to include in your deck.

That said, sometimes units really do start to have have overly off-center aggregate win/loss rates. Our game design team fanatically tracks the usage rate and win rates of various units on a daily basis watching for changes and trends. Our intention is that all units are well designed and play an important role in the game.

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I do agree. The bots use up way too much of a resource then you become over run. The bot machine needs a time limit. On the other hand to beat Val you need to rush. I’ve recently just purchased her :slight_smile:

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I like Val. I’m looking forward to getting her to change my game up on the Rogue side. But I don’t think she’s OP. She forces an opponent to have to consider countering her bots instead of spending on energy generation while she buys time for her own energy investment. But there are plenty of counters to her including putting down assets while she’s capping crystals and can’t afford to respond.

If you take a look at the top 10 players, for sure it’s not a wall of people using Val — people have figured out ways to stop Val :slight_smile:

Each commander has a “strategy” which works well with them.

For instance, since nash has an ability which cheaply creates swarms of small units and his himself buffs the power of things around him, he is very good at “rush in and defeat the enemy early in the match” strategy. To defeat him, you need to hold him off long enough while you build up your economy such that he runs out of steam… and then overpower him with your superior economy / tech / more powerful units.

In the case of Val, she works very well with a “late game win” strategy. When you play her, she’s not great at offensively taking down the base but she is good at holding back early rushes because she has a defensive tower and an AOE flamethrower which is great against swarms of little guys but not against something like an enemy barrier. She creates bot factories which don’t spike in power immediately, but generate more and more value as they slowly pick away at the enemy. To defeat Val, you need to execute a strategy which wins in the early to mid game before she gets maximum value out of her factories. One way is that you can straight out “rush” with lots of cheap units in the early game to knock down her door before they can drop the Val unit herself, and before she has upgraded her economy through lots of bot factories, powerplants and tech upgrades. The other way is to beat her in the mid game by efficiently nullifying her factory bots (e.g., an armored unit like the Dugout in front of your barrier will pretty much stop her bots) while you beat her in mid game with your mid-tech tier units. A commander like Roxie or Avasa are good at power spiking to middle tier tech and energy production and smashing through before Val can get enough value out of her bots.

If you’re playing against Val, you probably don’t want to just upgrade your economy/tech and try to defeat her in the late game — that’s the strategy which she excels at.

What’s the stats for players fighting against two Vals in 2v2? I’ve never won a game with two Vals, particularly when they’ve upgraded Val to level 11 and up.

EDIT: Just won a game with 2 Vals against 2 Rogues. We used dugouts to hold the ground, and then rushed the barrier.

I’m not sure how two Ascensions would win though. Their canon is too weak beyond a barrier, and not long distance enough behind a barrier.

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The Herald helps a lot there. Swarm vs swarm. Ice Acolytes, alchemists, and Lancers also do a lot of good for sweeping lots of low power drones off of the field.

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