Val in events

Val is too op in events. I’ve given a suggestion on this in another thread that may be useful but it’s just ridiculous in boom. One little drone can take out an entire swarm of 6 grunts when it explodes. There’s no stopping that. Two of them can take out my shield units. Besides the explosion power… just having Val unlocked gives a significant advantage in virtually every event which is unfair the the majority of players, since I’m assuming the majority of players don’t have every commander unlocked yet. I’ll try to find the link to my suggestion about this and post it here. If anyone else agrees please comment. Val is making the events unenjoyable and virtually impossible to win against

Here is the link that details a suggestion for commanders in events. As well as a few other suggestions but ignore those lol the issue I have in this events thread is about Val giving players an significant advantage during events

Here are screenshots showing my last battle with Val… try and ignore the op level of my opponent. I’m sure there’s a good reason why a level 12 commander would be matched with a level 15 haha but I digress… i wish I could post the match here. I was winning and the last second I just couldn’t keep up with her stupid drones. It definitely didn’t help that they were level 15. But it’s worse that I can’t counter these in events. They just keep coming and events take strategy and thinking carefully of each unit u use. U can’t do that against Val. If you don’t rush her barrier and take out the factory your screwed


I’ve brought this up many times before, the devs even agreed with it but nothing has changed. I figure they will implement a fix 1 hour after I get my Val to 17.

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I’ve suggested opening up all commanders for events only. Allowing each commander to be the same level as their counter part such as Giga being the same level as Kuro and etc. this would eliminate the unfair advantage that Val has because then each player could utilize the commander that the player feels has an advantage in that particular event without having to unlock everything.