Val and the events

I don’t use Val and it has been apparent for a while and especially for this event that Val is unplayable. Not only that but you don’t provide any units that can counteract against Val bots. So is this your way saying all switch to Val?

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Yeah, I agree. Especially if the answer from the devs seems to be “copy decks better than you” if you are getting lower scoring per win…it seems like the answer is to just use Val, because everyone uses Val in every event, and she does not have a successful counter. At least not consistently.

I’m not a Val player typically either, my main is Kuro. But to stay competitive in events, I seem to do better if I follow the pack and play Val as well. I feel like the competition isn’t really there, because it’s predictable what everyone will use and how they will play

Yet another event with 95 percent Val players. Can you please make it a little bit competitive? Like maybe you do it in gauntlet where everyone is using either random commander or everyone getting the same commander?

Yeah, personally speaking, the event is becoming boring since everybody plays Val. And I will lose my advantage if I don’t play her. It ended up with whoever has the better starting shuffle wins more easily.