Using cards outside the event cards

I played someone in the event that played goo dogs and mech pilot.


Yeah there are a few. Not sure why. Lildream and Raturn are a couple of other players ive faced with goodogs in their event deck

Lol aside from people exploiting a bug, how in the world can you play with your screen like that?? That would drive me nuts lol

@S7campusLifer or @S7Dave can we please get a response to this quickly?

If someone is cheating, they will have their account restricted.

That said, we’ve actually had some bugs in the past where players unintentionally ended up being given the option to use cards outside of the event pool. I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion without debugging exactly what is going on.

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I played someone in the event that played goo dogs and mech pilot.


It happened again. Is it just me or what?

No my teammates are having the same problem they posted a replay of our alliance chat.

Access to those units is besides the point really. By now I can guarantee they know those aren’t regular units and shouldn’t be using them. Having Goo Dogs for this event, considering they split three times, can be a major advantage over someone using the right units.

Id like to get some event tickets for the matches that i had against these opponents. They had a unfair advantage and thus i am taking losses where i probabky shouldnt. Dont give me a win but at least the chance to compete against someone with same deck buildjng choices i had

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This has also been reported in my alliance, so definitely an issue.

This should no longer be possible as of yesterday evening. Please let us know if you see any new instances of this today!

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Any compensation for losing tickets against those people?