User Experience Poll: PvP after Bonus Chests

It’s been brought to our attention that it might not be clear that there is no limit to playing 1v1 PvP based on the feedback from this post.

Are you aware that 1v1 play is not limited by any timer?

  • Yes, I know you can play 1v1 and 2v2 without limit
  • No, I thought the PvP bonus chest timer was a timer for 1v1 mode

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However, most people play for the chest and not just the rankings :sweat_smile:

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Indeed. Quests and chests are the way to go. So no point playing if chests are on cooldown and quest not doable because of needed chests. That‘s a problem of the game that you cannot keep playing with your friends.

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Why would you play with no reward? Play for the chests why risk dropping a rank or star?

Best coin drops also need to be increased significantly. A master chest shouldn’t drop 250 coins when one upgrade is 60-150k


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