Urgent read or perish

allow emoting at the victory screen.
This is the very essence of BM in Any online competitive video game.
I will not spend a penny more until this is implemented or fixed.

Thank you.

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Now that is funny

No thanks kind of makes the game toxic gloating in your opponents face

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I’d say if anything, fix the bug where the emoticons don’t show up in replays. Sometimes it’s fun to share the “dialog” in battles.

If there will be emoticons in the victory screen, I’d have predetermined phrases like “good game, I’m impressed” or “we’ll win next time!”. Maybe it’d be better to let people tag battles after the fact, or be able to chat with people they’ve battled with, so that the victory screen doesn’t waste time for those who don’t care about it.

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Never, it would never be used under such barbaric conditions as to make the game toxic. Gloating has been around way before the Romans but not too soon after the Neanderthals. Gloating is the very essence of love and war and has the much needed ingredients for victory amongst the many.

100% agree, unfortunately it’s a pretty large feature to implement. It’s been hovering surprisingly close to the top of our backlog for a very long time :smiley:

Eww, voting a big “no” on the gloating. In-game emotes are sufficient for that and aggravating enough under certain conditions (a wry thumbs up at the end of a hugely lopsided match, for example). I despise games that invite bad sportsmanship and I seriously can’t think of anything that would cause me to quit faster.


Using emotes in the victory screen? That kind of function promotes toxicity within the game rather than creating a competitive environment. Look at other mobile games like Clash Royale: this sort of function would turn WB’s player base into an unhealthy one and possibly drive players away from this game.


@Holeesmokes I’d like a middle-finger emoticon for response to the exact situations that you just outlined.


Sorry. I think I was not clear enough. I don’t mean the victory screen, but the victory or loss animation at the very end of the match after the last hp has been lost or someone quits.

Horrible idea. It would only be used for gloating, which I agree with some others here, is the fastest way to drive players away. I can’t stand poor sports or trash talkers and I will not remain in a game if I am forced to deal with that.

Definitely agree this would be way better. The best time to emote is right after you win/lose :slight_smile:

Currently, this is a big change because:

  • The battle technically “ends” as soon as the ship explodes
  • We close the connection between all the players at this point, package up the replays with the results and have our servers start to crunch the results, update medals, update leaderboards, etc.

We definitely want to do this, it’s actually a lot more work than it sounds to keep the communication channel open after the battle is “over”.

@S7campusLifer Why? So people can gloat? This is unnecessary and not universally wanted. Emoting frankly just promotes poor sportsmanship. Spend your time on the matchmaking revamp instead of this, please. Most of us dgaf if you’re lol’ing at the roflstomp you got to hand out from the crappy match-up. Please move along and save the griefing and trash talking for the 1st person shooters. If you feel that it’s necessary, then give us a filter to not see it.


While that kind of thing is part of games like this, it probably should not be very high on the list of to dos. If you want to tell someone you are superior, there is always Global Chat, although these days better is more likely to mean you have better cards and honestly just got a better draw.


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