Urgent! Diamonds not added from purchase packs

Any one else who has experienced this please post here so we can get the devs to do something.

I bought the luxury Enlist pack from last event and never received my 12,000 diamonds.

This has happened to several other people and the devs need to fix this ASAP.

This also happened to me, and it’s not adding correctly in the diamonds provided.

Yikes, sorry to hear this. Can you create a support request from the in-game “contact us” menu so we can look up your purchase and help you both out?

According to the support audit, they said the diamonds were applied, but I only think +6000 were added instead of the +12k I was supposed to receive. I would love to see if you can perform another audit as I think perhaps there’s a glitch somewhere there still.

I also received a support audit saying that I received the diamonds and then spent them on 2 8,000 diamond colossal chests, which I did not.

The diamonds were never applied from mine

Can you please continue the conversation with the support agent on your ticket? I apologize that this is taking more back and forth to resolve than we’d like.

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