Update of Doom (I appreciate your efforts, but let it be known we want the old format back)

I don’t wish for this discussion to take a wholly negative turn, because I do appreciate the difficulties involved in trying to balance a game of this nature. I nevertheless feel that most long-time players of this game that I have talked to are extremely disappointed with the latest update. Although you intend to re-integrate ranking, borders and 2v2 with rewards in the future, the game may already have suffered irreparable losses to it’s user-base by that point in time.

The fact of the matter is that, as many other players have already commented, the game just feels bland and pointless without a ranking system. The arena battles feel as uninteresting as the mining battles did, and the boss blitz before them. I appreciate your efforts to balance the game, but without the ranking system and levels, players don’t have much to aim for, and hence the game feels pointless even if the gameplay is essentially the same and the animations have been smoothed out.

I do appreciate the fact that gems are now more easy to come by, but that was really the only change needed to the previous update, in my view. Personally (and I know I’m not alone in this), I would request that the old system be restored, rather than trying to make changes and work within the new framework, for which most long-time players have expressed a clear distaste.

I sincerely hope that the development team takes the player base’s considerations to heart and considers re-implementing the older system or something that looks much more like it. The real issue is that the community largely feels that this major overhaul was done unilaterally without our input or consideration, and it has effectively made the game much less fun for most of us. Thank you for your time, and I have no doubt that other players will continue to express many of the same concerns. I appreciate your continued efforts to improve the game, but this one was clearly a setback.


You sound like one of those biased yappers the S7 devs were talking about.
But seriously, this game overhaul is a huge disappointment. Social interactions ruined, rankings gone, no penalty for losing, economy for card upgrades and especially season unlocks is destroyed, gauntlet cost real money currency and provides no rewards and never will now, Alliance recruiting and management has been made unnecessarily difficult.

Whoopee, they fixed matchmaking. Besides matchmaking, I can’t find a single good thing to say about this overhaul.


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