Update killed the game

With this last update the game has been completely awful, getting rid of 2V2, they already killed the gauntlet by not giving out any more diamonds what’s the point of actually spending 200 if you’re not going to get any out? Are used to spend five dollars a month on this game to be a elite, after this elite runs out I’m never playing the game again. Sad.


It’s bad that you’re probably the thousandth person to say this and the whole WB community has voiced their dislike of this update and pretty much planning to stop playing. But the devs are silent for the most part and won’t even entertain the idea that they messed up.

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This was announced here:

I’ve previously written more explanation in this fully up thread last week on this topic:

I learned about this game through one of the ads in the game Darkness Rises. They have a game mode feature called Four Guardians. They clearly marked the button to access the feature with the big fat words BETA and encouraged our game community to provide feedback. This feature was in beta for over 8 months and just recently the BETA tag was removed after tons and tons of player feedback. The rest of the game was protected because access to the beta code was through the beta button only.

Lots of games encourage beta support from the community. Grepolis, Forge of Empires, etc. etc, Amazed that considering the scope and drastic risk as you acknowledge yourself that a beta was not introduced.


So in effect you have implemented a “beta”, but unlike other games the beta code was not contained and the code that was most enjoyable to the base, the bread, butter, and money maker was thrown out just like that and this was thrust onto your game community.


Anyway wish you all the best. Hope you guys re-review the feedback you received in the past as well as over the last 48 hours and can turn things around. Good luck.

I wrote something around this topic in another thread:

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