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I’ve been a long time player of your games and this one follows suit with the rest. You do an upgrade and it screws the entire game! My team can no longer join battles, and when they do join it freezes. The battles are severely mismatched and we can’t seem to win a battle… not to mention getting dropped every 5 minutes.

Before you do your usual and tell us to reinstall… we did.

Learn from previous games mistakes and tests upgrades. I’m not buying a thing until these are fixed. No chests, diamonds or elite.


@KaraFreki We have v1.91 on the way very, very soon that aims to resolve the battle connection issues ASAP. I apologize for the wait and inconvenience so far. Our engineers have been chugging away at full speed fixing this in the past 24 hours. :giga_gg:


Thank You for reply. There is still huge connectivity issues when joining teammates but I’m sure you’re aware of it. Even though it shows me loading 100% it won’t connect through and my teammates are getting the same. I’m trying to stick with the game while y’all work things out over the holiday season but it’s hard. I am a spender on thegame and I’m wasting what I spend because every time it freezes it takes points away from me and I get pushed back. Thank You again for listening.


@KaraFreki Update v1.92 (released today) tries to address some of the cases of connectivity issues that v1.91 may have missed. Can you update and let us know if you’re still experiencing issues?

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