Update for what?

You took away the ranks! We all loved battling for rank! It help us to compete not only within our legion but for ourselves. This new update just smashes all that interaction within our legion and personal battles? Who cares about going from one sector to the next when there’s no rank to show for your efforts. Yeah yeah, rewards are good but so much of the fun of this game was seeing how far one could go to rank up to silver or gold or ??? I have been playing this game for some time and really have enjoyed it. I do NOT alike this new, as of Oct. 4, update at all so far! Bring back the personal ranking system!!!


Ok, maybe I’m in the minority, but I like the new brackets. I hope they can find a way to reintegrate the rank system of silver/gold/diamond etc. I think maybe mastering certain tiers of max level cards should correlate to a rank that is obvious like it used to be. There was a certain amount of prestige in acquiring and displaying a new rank. I definitely miss it. I haven’t found 2v2 yet. Maybe it’s gone, but it was fun to pair up with Alliance members. Running solo for everything doesn’t really promote a need for Alliances. I think this is a work in progress, but I’ll suffer the slings and arrows of the community to say that I think this is a move in the right direction. So far I mostly like what I’m seeing.

Edit: I found 2v2. There is no reward/incentive to do it. Please make it relevant again.

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Well I have seen some big piles of crap before but this is the biggest record holder. Rank taken away. No 2v2 for points. Diamonds or worthless. Then on upgrading we have to have this dust crap on top of coins.


The heck with this game I am done with it.

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