Upcoming rank reset

I, like many others, have had numerous battles lost because my deck is tech locked. I know there is an update coming for this and we all got our gems… but I can see it now, I’m going to fall from diamond 2 to gold 3 or something because of my win loss AND probably my limited number of battles since I’ve slowed way down out of frustration.

Here’s a thought, maybe you leave the ranks alone this time, fix the bugs you currently have and get this game back to being great. I’m already down to completing ONE quest a WEEK because the mine requirements… I feel if I have to climb back up to diamond again this just may be the straw that broke the proverbial back.

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Hi. I understand the sentiment. Ideally if we had infinite development resources maybe we’d do something with this. Practically, the monthly ranked reset isn’t built to do this. If we try to make it do that it will take a chunk of our scarce development resources and probably create a bunch of bugs & live fires to clean up.

I understand. Just venting some. Frustrated that it is affecting some more than others. Thanks for the reply.

@S7campusLifer I’m not a fan of the reset. Not so much from the standpoint of having to grind back up, but my daily progress is massively hindered until I claw back up to Diamond.

Here’s my other issue with it. To me, once you have crossed the threshold to a particular league e.g. Gold, Diamond, etc, I would like to see the daily chest rewards lock in at that level.

Here’s the rub, when I crawl up to Diamond with Ascension, who I’ve played primarily since joining, I just stop playing Ascension, because the ELO system may decide to bust me back to Gold4 before I can win again. Now my rewards are Gold league.

So I put my favorite team on a shelf so that I can continue getting the higher reward tier in my daily chests and I yoyo my Rogue and Legion commanders back and forth between Gold4 and Gold6. Until I have a 2nd team at Diamond, I won’t risk getting knocked back to Gold with Ascension.

At least lock in the rewards at the highest achieved tier through the current season. Reward tier can then reset at the beginning of the next season…and relocked as it’s achieved in subsequent seasons.


Thanks for the feedback. We’ll try to work that into our big revamp of ranked mode.

I do the same. Almost have all three factions to diamond now… just in time for the reset. :+1:t2:


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