Unstable Warp Event Packs Issue

So I noticed that the Unstable Warp event has the new seasonal legendaries in it. I also noticed that the chests in the shop claim “Guaranteed legendaries for event”.

However (and please correct me if I’m wrong), I’m fairly confident that you cannot currently obtain the new seasonal legendaries from these event packs.

If this is in fact the case, then it is undoubtedly misleading for your players. A warning sign should definitely be added to avoid any further confusion.

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Not only did I not get a legendary I didn’t get any of the rare or epic cards for the season. I would not have purchased the pack had there not been the chance to get the new cards as most of the cards in this particular set were not the ones I was going for. I feel misled as the packs were ways I got cards I needed in the past. This cost me $100 I wouldn’t have spent otherwise.

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We’re investigating now. We have no intention to mislead anyone with these value packs and are working to find a resolution. (56668)


Thank you for the quick reply, I look forward to a resolution.

I think I see what they did here, this event has two More units than any other event, so the packs have the same value and chance but the extra two units, the new legendary cards, are not available in the chests. It is misleading.

I had this problem as well. Looking forward to compensation equal to what we spent on the packs

We haven’t heard anything back on this. I didn’t buy any event packs this week because I have not heard anything about what is actually included in them or if those of us who spent $100+ with the expectation that we could get those units will receive any compensation.

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Well and now they’re doing this horrible refresh cost ad buying anything in this game isn’t worth it anymore

They’re just ignoring their paying players now. Good to know, after I’ve spent hundreds of dollars to line their pockets

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