Unskilled opponents in final arena

Has anybody else noticed recently that opponents in the final arena are (not to be mean…) kinda bad? For example, just had a game where their Nash’s first 3 moves was to send out 6+4+4 grunts in the same lane, which were all promptly booped by a single arcane blast. The game before that, their Giga first two moves was to send two shadow ninjas, again down the same lane. I’m pretty sure even the AI plays better…

Anyway as a result, games are not as challenging/fun anymore. Anybody else noticed the same thing?

I was a fan of the boosting system from before; the boosted players (looking at you Yeamster219282828) were usually at least pretty smart players that provided some challenge. Now, it kinda feels like I’m taking candy from babies… it makes me almost feel bad to win.

Possible solutions: (as a side note, I think our criticism should always come with helpful suggestions, there’s too much shitting on devs lately without actually providing reasonable suggestions)

  • Queue times are suspiciously short; this makes sense because matchmaking is now done within much larger bands (an entire arena as opposed to a small ELO band) but this results in really lame stompy marches. Maybe also have some sort of within-arena matchmaking?
  • Think about boosting matches IF the matchup is obviously mismatched (lvl 12 vs lvl 17)

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Agree this needs improvement.

I was worried about the implications for low skill players in this new system. I’ve recently seen some disturbing match logs where some players have lost over 30x battles in a row.

We’ll try to figure something out.


How about stop boosting low players and let them learn to be better players. If you keep boosting up low skill players to the point they can beat high skill high unit level players all that does is piss off the people who actually spend time and effort to get good at the game and does nothing to improve the players who don’t have skill.

If a low skill player wants to punch up or not punch down how about we let them and stop trying to compensate for the fact that they are low skill.


Because then they cry about unfair matchmaking, s7 attempts to pander to the lowest common denominator that still has a couple bucks in their pocket and then will find a way to take the game they turned into a rubbish pile and light it on fire? :man_shrugging:

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That’s true we all have to learn the game we all was low level but over time u will get better and u will level up it’s a game of time not helping with ur boost system I been playing for about 2 months now and I can say I have a few level 17 units just from playing the game stop babying new players stop catering to there needs what about y’all loyal players


All I hear from the “loyal players” is “I’ve spent so much money on this game - everything should be my way”. But if the player base doesn’t grow and you run out of content to spend money on, then there’s nothing to sustain game development to get you more content to spend your money on. :man_shrugging:t3:

So to some degree it’s better for everyone to fix what it means to be a newer player - and yeah, get them to spend a few bucks, rather than give up outright because there’s no good entry point where you don’t get crushed by long term, pay 2 win players.

I’m by no means saying the changes thus far have fully nailed that balance, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be balance.

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the thread is about the game not being challenging enough anymore because of the changes Not complaining that the game is too hard. On the flip side the game is now definitely too hard for new players as they are matched directly against people that have a general idea of what they’re doing.

This is assuming that the game is operating as s7 has stated and these terrible players are people from different leagues with cards adjusted to the levels of whatever league you’re playing and not just bots.

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Game? What game?

Oh, wait…

I agree with jinduckey, also I think there should be some type of deck power cap on how far you can play up on your lower factions. For example my mostly lvl 12 roxie is allowed to play in champions arena. Not that I would enjoy getting stomped by maxed decks but it seems a lot of people do. Today I played a lvl 11 commander with 12-16 units? Needless to say I stomped them because their shields and base were made of glass. Games like that are not uncommon. Generally, in the time it takes to earn my daily coins I only play a couple actual players in champ arena or only have a handful of games against even semi-skilled “bots”


I generally agree with this except I think the issue is that player skill in ALL of the arenas is as a whole very very low.

For example I just completed the lvl12 arena playing a lvl8 Nash with one single lvl 11 card in the deck because the majority of opponents simply didn’t have a clue what they’re doing in the game.

S7 should really look into some sorta of elo system to make the matchmaking more competitive for those low skill players that have to play higher skill players :man_shrugging::joy:

If you think the opponents are bad now, just wait until I get there!

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I understand that you’re frustrated, but calling other players shills just because they have a different opinion than you is pretty immature, man.

Anyway, to spice up the game a little, I’ve been trying out some fun little challenges. One is called “commanderless challenge” where i ban myself from using any commander abilities or commanders. A harder variant is the “fireworks challenge” for Kuro players which is if you get an arcane blast in your hand, you must IMMEDIATELY throw it before doing anything else in the hole in the center of the map (yes, even if you start with 3 in your hand). I encourage everybody to try these out if you’re finding the game a bit too easy! :joy:

You’re probably correct, sometimes when I think about the state of this game I become unnecessarily hostile.

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No no, this is just ridiculous. You should not be boosting anyone. Why are you complaining about your level 12 being matched against a level 17? The whole point of the Arena system is that you aren’t supposed to be playing your level 12 in the Champion Forge. Why are devs this needs to be fixed? It is what they created Arenas for. Why are you penalising players for levelling their cards? Champion Forge was supposed to be an exclusive club for high level players.


You’re misunderstanding the point of arenas. Thinking anything s7 does is for the benefit of the current player base is a mistake :joy:


I appreciate you confirming what I realised after I made the posts, but the sarcastic manner in which you’re reply isn’t helping. There’s really no need to adopt this stance of “s7 wants to screw players.” You know very well whether their actions have the result of doing so, they don’t set out to do that.

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This is misrepresenting / confusing what is going on. Please see this thread for details – it doesn’t work the way you’re describing.