Units cost more coins to upgrade than ever, with less coins available

It takes about 25 million per level to go from 45-50. This means you’re looking at about 125 million+ coins to do this. Previously, it took 125k coins. You multiplied the coins by 400, so 125,000 x 400 would be 50 million. You also took away coins from events, and trading diamonds for coins. How are we supposed to upgrade with this huge discrepancy? I appreciate you multiplying our current coins by 800 for the upgrade. I was using this and saved coins and didn’t upgrade. This meant I got fucked because it takes 2.5 times as many coins to upgrade than if I just did it earlier. This is worse than the dust fiasco. Please take a look at your system @S7campusLifer


Agreed! @S7Dragon, I think, stated unequivocally that it would be anywhere from break even to beneficial (depending on level) to upgrade cards in the new system, and that waiting would not be a bad idea. I saved up SO many coins until the update. I’m super pissed about it, too :rage:

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They blatantly lied to us, it really shouldn’t be a surprise at this point :man_shrugging:


Since when do they tell the truth.

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I think that goes for allot of us players but they don’t care.

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Yeah I’m really disappointed in this. I specifically asked for if we should wait or upgrade pre
Update. I went ahead and upgraded two units but held on to some coins. I don’t have the math but it feels like it’s harder now.


It is harder now the dust specifically makes it harder.

I agree completely. Honestly this new update will likely be the reason I quit the game finally. I know I’m not spending any more money. I want to know how I went from needed one more level on a unit to max Avasa to now needing to put 20+ levels on a gold unit I never used. This will never happen as just to get it to level 27 is going to cost me 5 million coins. I’m mad, I’m disappointed, but mostly I’m just over it. I hope the devs read this though I doubt one will respond.

Notice how you didn’t get a single response from the devs?? Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?

Everyone got made when I said they scammers.now y’all seeing the scam with your own eyes.

I just needed coins to max one unit now I need three more of that unit to start it from 45-50 they took my units from me.

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Yes costs have definitely increased. The change is neither neutral nor slightly beneficial unlike what was promised by the devs.


Can we also talk about how many more games you would need to win to get your daily coin capacity. Feels like you need double the amount of wins compared to last patch. Coins also have less value now which doesn’t make things any better. I’m pretty sure some of us are grinding this game when we have more important responsibilities.


Now this is not a bug PG, this is fucking highway robbery. Drop the fucking dusts and coins needed to upgrade shits!

This needs to stay as the top thread until addressed. There are just too many prohibitive restrictions to upgrading units now.

The idea that was being sold that there would be more opportunities to upgrade units incrementally is simply not true as the cost to update the units for each of the 1 unit increments feels like the 5 unit increment before, meaning we’re being asked to invest 5x the effort required previously.

For me it’s also telling that I’ve not managed / bothered to max out the daily coins a single time since the update, whereas before it happened most days. Don’t even know what my daily max limit is …


Ditto on that

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I’m giving them a week to respond. Then if nothing happens I’ll likely be leaving the game. I’m tired of being treated so poorly. I give you people money, I spend. I won’t be anymore until you get your collective shit together. I’d recommend everyone else do the same. The only way they are going to take notice is if they start losing players and money.


Same haven’t maxed daily one time since update.

Hey Folks,

Sorry I’m a bit slow responding here, I’ve been focused on trying to get our 2.61 update out as soon as possible with some bug fixes.

The number of wins to max out daily earnings is the same as before, at about 15 if you are playing in the hardest arena you can. We increased the % of daily coins earned in the first 3 wins, but the overall wins to hit your cap is the same. The time to max out a card with coins will have decreased for players that don’t hit the daily cap since more of the coins are earned from the campaign and from the first 3 wins, and for players that were hitting the cap, it should be about the same assuming you are at a campaign level/star level commensurate with your level, and a little faster if you are further than your level. I think the missing element here is that you will need to progress in the campaign until you are fighting units around your level in order to reach/exceed the same total earnings as before, but hopefully all the extra diamonds earned along the way will help make up for extra effort put in to get to that point.

@Donnie2 only level 50 should cost 25M for common units, 46 costs 15M for common units; if you were referring to legendary units they used to cost 150K to go from 16 to 17; the math should work out to about 800x for the last few levels I believe?


This still doesn’t address the issue that it costs even more dust when everyone was already complaining the amount of dust required was too high.