Unit & Shield level: Gamebreaking(?) bug

In one of the recent matches I’ve played in, I noticed my commander’s special ability level as well as shield level were way off.


Please do note the level difference of two of the same units of ‘Reinforcements’:

My commander was level 11 at the time of this game. I have no idea why my shield level dropped to level 8 and my ‘Reinforcements’ are mixed between 11 and 14.

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Hi @SolidWorkMan. Thank you so much for reporting this. This looks like a pretty bad bug. I can’t say we’ve seen this in the lab but we’ll start trying to reproduce this internally.

If you provide more details, perhaps it could help us figure out the problem faster. How often does this happen to you (once a day, once week. once a month)? What device are you on? Does it only happen in 1v1 or also in 2v2, event, gauntlet, etc? What does it show when you watch the replay?



  1. This only happened to me only once. It did not occur again after the time of my first post on this topic.

  2. iPhone 7

  3. This only happened during a 1v1 battle.

  4. As far as I remember from seeing the replay, the bug labeled an incorrect number on the ‘Reinforcements’ level. However, I don’t know if the shield level bug is a mislabel or not as well since the replay is no longer available due to me playing a dozen of matches :kuro_chill:

I also have noticed my shield being different from my commander level. The lowest I’ve seen it is 4 when my commander is level 8. I’m on an iPhone XR.

And it happens pretty often for me. The last match I played it was level 6…

Hi @SolidWorkMan @ShinyTseul. One of our engineers has looked at your information and figured out a source of the bug. We plan to have this fix in our next app release.

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